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Tips To Style Your Basic Dress In A More Fun Way

A dress is a perfect OOTD for this season. Dresses accentuate your best feature, and it fits like a glove on your body. You can style it in multiple ways and for various occasions with a few simple tips and tricks. Try different styles of dresses, and don’t be shy; push your boundaries a bit and experiment. It is a classic clothing piece that gives a casual, chic, and elegant look. Dresses are a woman’s best friend, and they adore it. Yes, not all dresses will be comfortable, but it depends on the fabric, style, and material. 

But once you get comfortable in it, there’s no going back. There are different styles of dresses available, mini dress, flared dress, bodycon, and maxi dresses. Trends come and go, but these dresses are always in style. Designer’s pieces made earlier trends, but now online creators do that. There are different ways to style dress, and here are some. 

  • Wear Sneakers Or Dad Shoes

If you want to get the height illusion, go for heels, sneakers, or dad shoes. These shoe styles instantly make you look taller. You can even go for heeled or platform boots to make them look edgier. Sneakers or shoes give a more casual look, and heels provide a more classic look, so choose accordingly.

  • Accessorize It

A mini dress gives a very girly and sophisticated look. If you are heading out with your friends for lunch or dinner, just put on some jewelry, earrings, chains, or bracelets that will instantly make you look more expensive and classy. Fanny bag or bicycle bags gives a more casual look than a sling or a tote bag. 

  • Make It Formal Ready

If you want to make your simple, boring dress appropriate for an office meeting or a lunch date, wear a blazer on top and style it with a pencil heel and you’ll be good to go. Add a simple necklace or bold earrings, put on glasses. For an even bossier look, tie your hair in a low bun, and you’ll be good to go. 

  • Keeping It Casual

Running errands in a mini dress with sneakers and a jacket is the perfect outfit. You can even go for high top shoes or dad shoes. Use a backpack or fanny bag to keep your essentials. Pair this look with hoops and a few rings, and you’re set for the day.