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Tips to Professionally Ship Your Car From New York To Florida

Florida is a Sunshine State of the US. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Georgia, Straits of Florida, and Alabama. It attracts tourists to its popular destinations including Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida Keys, Orlando, Everglades, and South beach.

You are thrilled to migrate to Florida from New York, but the only issue is how to move your car. You got two options – drive it on your own and hire auto transport from New York to FloridaHiring Ship a Car, Inc. can help you save on time and add to the wear and tear on the wheels traveling hundreds of miles.

Driving on your own also involves challenges like flat tires, oil change, sudden engine issues, and more. If you feel that you can enjoy the east coast from behind the wheels then remember you are forced to concentrate on driving. Long-distance driving is not for everyone. For a distance of more than 200 miles, hiring an auto logistic company is a wise option.

Services car shipping company offers

The kind of carrier and delivery time frame is considered while choosing the services.

  • Enclosed or open carrier option – You may have seen Sedans moving daily in an open -trailer. If the car is a luxury automobile or a high-end sports car or a classic collection vehicle, choose enclosed carriers. They offer total protection from road elements and weather, while on the road. It comes with a huge price-tag.
  • Standard or expedited option – In the former carrier picks your car within 2/7 days, so the delivery to Florida will take around 3 to 5 days. The dates and schedules are only estimation. There may be times when delays occur as the carrier is delivering many shipments.

Even traffic and weather can cause postponement. If you desire to have your car picked and delivered on a specific day and time chooses the expedited service option. The carrier has to adjust their whole schedule to fit in your, so the rates will increase.

Cost of car shipment from NY to Florida

Several variables will determine the final car shipping cost. Vehicle model and location will set the shipping’s basic price. Carrier types also add to the equation. An inoperable vehicle also drives the rates because of extra equipment need to load and unload. Pickup and delivery in a rural area also cost more as the logistics are challenging. Supply and demand for a specific route is also a crucial variable.

Documents needed to ship your car from NY to Florida

Car shipping within the state or country is simple and easy. During pickup, the trucker will inspect the car and offer a BOL or Bill of Lading for signing. It also includes the car inspection report. Make sure that all the dents and scrapes are marked before signing the BOL. Never sign an incomplete or blank document. Get a copy before the trucker loads your car and drives away.

Can personal belongings be put in the car to be shipped?

Personal items can be stored in the back seats or trunk. It cannot increase the weight a lot but personal items don’t get covered under insurance in case they go missing or get damaged.