Wednesday - September 27,2023
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Tips For Handling Snow On Your Roof

Snow can cause plenty of damage to your roof. The weight can cause your roof to collapse and melted snow can leak down into your home. Thus, when it gets to a certain weight, it’s probably best to remove it. Before you go about doing that, however, keep these tips in mind 

Check If The Snow is Actually A Hazard

As uneasy as a large pile of snow on your roof may make you feel, it’s entirely possible that it poses no danger to your roof. Local building codes often make it the law that roofs are constructed to handle a reasonable amount of snow. Check the weight of the snow by cutting a small square of snow off your roof, putting it in a bag, weighing it and then using that to estimate the load on your roof. At the point when the snow weighs 25 pounds per square foot, it’s time to start cleaning or looking for a roofer Daytona Beach.

Getting On The Roof Is The Last Resort

Climbing onto your roof is a dangerous activity in and of itself. It’s even more dangerous when your roof is icy or slippery. If you really think that your roof is in danger of being damaged, the best, safest choice is to call a professional cleaner. In the case that this is not affordable, do whatever you can to stay on the ground. Get a snow rake and clean your snow starting from the edge. However, leave a bit of snow on the roof if you can. Its reflective properties keep your home warm. 

As beautiful and fun as snow is to play in, it’s best to remember that it can still cause a lot of hazards. Enjoy it if you wish, but be sure to keep an eye on a snow-covered roof.