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Things to keep in mind while buying a Grand Flatbed Printer

1. How Much is a Flatbed Printer?

How much will a  grand format flatbed printer cost you? Largely grand format flatbed printer may be expensive, so know precisely what you’re getting for your money.

A more excellent price doesn’t always indicate a better piece of equipment. The cost will also depend on the printer’s size. Grand format or super-wide format flatbed printers are 10′ or more comprehensive. These printers will cost more than tiny flatbed printers.

Finding the finest manufacturer for your needs can help you choose a flatbed printer model that fits your budget.

The top 4′ x 8′ flatbed printers are shown below to give you a sense of industry pricing.

Do You Need This Printer?

Why Do You Need The Mimaki JFX200-2513 Flatbed?

There are several reasons to research your printer alternatives. Maybe your present machinery is obsolete, and you want to add another component to increase your manufacturing capacity. Maybe you’re ready to buy your own grand format flatbed printer after years of outsourcing.

Not Sure Which Printer to Buy? 

Here are some suggestions for your present situation:

If it is replaceable:

Consider if you want to keep the same brand or switch to a new one when replacing an older model. So far, so good. Why do you need a replacement? Not long after purchasing the equipment, you may want to consider moving to a more trustworthy brand if it is not generating at its full capacity.

If it’s a Change:

If the new printer is added to an existing manufacturing line, consider the other brands and models.

Maybe you have a roll-to-roll printer, and they offer a flatbed that will meet all your demands. Maybe another company offers the correct printer for your needs.

Consider the software applications required by each printer and how employing several brands and models may affect your processes.

An essential lesson is understanding the differences between your current printer and the printer you want to buy. This ensures you receive value for money.

First Flatbed Printer:

If you want to move from outsourcing to production, there are several UV flatbed printers available at varying pricing points. Finding the proper model for your printing applications and company needs is a crucial reason to collaborate with a distributor that knows the models well. If your business demands change in the future, they may be able to give more solutions and assist you to prevent substantial financial loss.

If you’re unsure which printer is best for you, use a Printer Finder Tool to get personalised suggestions.

How Much Will You Pay? How Much Should a New Printer Cost?

Leasing and purchasing have their benefits and drawbacks. Your financial circumstances may persuade you, but you should still examine the pros and cons of each choice before deciding.

Buying your printer directly is the cheapest and fastest choice, but leasing is generally faster than financing via a bank. Bank finance requires weeks of paperwork and approval. However, the convenience of leasing might be countered by higher interest rates. They have a longer procedure, lower rates and cheaper long-term cost of ownership, but with little to no flexibility in the payback terms.

Should You Lease or Buy Your Industrial Wide Format Printer? Explains the benefits and downsides of each choice.

Where Do You Print? Can Your Business Print on These Substrates?

Your real production objectives are an essential point to consider. What items do you plan to print? Home-cor? Sintra? Acrylic? Dibond? Lighting? POP displays? Promotional items? The substrates you employ will determine the flatbed that gives you the greatest value for your money.