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Splash And Flush: The 10 Toilet Types And Styles You Can Get

A toilet bowl is not just a round basin with a hole right at the centre. Unbeknown to many, these hardworking loo receptacles come in various toilet flush systems and structure styles. You spend about 416 days of your life in the bathroom, so it’s only natural that you pick the appropriate lavatory throne that helps you relieve yourself every day.

With hundreds of toilet bowl types and styles available, it’s understandable to feel confused and overwhelmed. How can such a trivial fixture have a wide selection to choose from? To help you make the right waste basin pick, here are ten systems and designs offered by the best toilet bowl brands in Singapore:

Flushing System Types

Washing your wastes down can be accomplished by your diligent toilet in various ways. Choose from the best flushing system types in Singapore below to discover which toilet technology suits you best.


The gravity-feed or gravity-flush system is the favoured toilet bowl flushing design in most residential properties worldwide. With the push of a button, the tank or cistern above the seat drops the water. Gravity-feed toilets are silent and painless to maintain since they contain fewer parts than other types.


A pressure-assisted toilet bowl is known to have the best flushing system in Singapore when it comes to power. Its components use pressurised air to push water out of the tank that generates high levels of force. Double flushing and clogging are rare occurrences for pressure-assisted toilets because of the amount of their strength. Their only con is noise—you cannot do the number two in secret because of how loud these systems are.


The dual-flush toilet bowl design is loved by many for its water-saving features. As the name implies, this toilet system offers two flushing options—full flush for solid excrements and half flush for liquid wastes. It combines the efficiency of a gravity-feed system with the strength of a pressure-assisted mechanism. A dual-flush toilet may cost more than other types, but it can significantly reduce your water bill consumption while saving the environment.

Double Cyclone

Double cyclone toilets are the latest addition to the continuously growing flushing system options. Instead of holes hidden in the toilet bowl, the double cyclone design features two nozzles along the rim that dislodge water from the cistern. This system uses less water than gravity-feed and pressure-assisted variants. However, it is just as powerful as the full water expulsion of a double-flush toilet.


Another eco-friendly design that is slowly gaining popularity among homeowners is the waterless toilet bowl. Unlike other toilet flush systems, water is unnecessary to get rid of excrements in this variation. A prominent water-less system type is the composting toilet. Instead of water, waste is collected and mixed with bulking materials like sawdust and wood chips to create compost. If properly handled, the composting toilet can produce odourless fertilisers that are 100% safe to use.


Structure Styles

The flush system is not the only factor you need to consider when selecting a toilet bowl design. You should also keep its number of parts and installation styles in mind. You have five toilet structure variations to choose from—one- and two-piece, back-to-wall, wall-hung, and electronic.


Two-piece toilets come in—you guessed it, two pieces. The cistern and the seat are separate elements that can be mixed and matched to fit your preferences. Thankfully, the best toilet bowl brands in Singapore offer parts that are compatible with other models. Having suitable pieces can prevent unfortunate accidents and malfunctions. Two-piece toilet bowls are well-loved by homeowners because of their durability and affordability. However, they are not easy to maintain because you will have to brush and disinfect two sections every deep bathroom cleaning session.


Unlike two-piece systems, the one-piece toilet bowl design is sold in a single hunk of ceramic. It is easier to clean and install—even householders like you can set it on your bathroom floor yourself without the help of a plumber. Its bowl, seat, tank, and trap way are uncomplicated to clean because they have limited to no hard-to-reach areas. One-piece toilet bowls are smaller than other styles, making them the perfect throne for bathrooms with limited spaces.


Back-To-Wall toilet styles add a streamlined and contemporary look to your bathroom. Their seats are hooked on the floor, while their toilet flush systems are hidden behind furniture or the wall itself. The flush button or panel is installed on the surface of the fixture or wall where the tank and pipes are concealed. This space-saving toilet option does not require a frame for support. The bowl slides firmly at the edge of the walls and floors of the bathroom, giving it a seamless finish.


If you’re looking for a mix of the modern and traditional, a wall-hung receptacle is the best option that toilet brands in Singapore have for you. Wall-hung toilets are wall-mounted units with concealed cisterns within the vertical surface of the bathroom. This toilet style is beneficial for individuals who wish to customise the height of their toilet since it can be mounted as high or low as you want. If you wish to create a unifying look for your bathroom, there are wall-hung wash basins available in Singapore that can also appear hanging from your wall.


The best toilet bowl brands in Singapore are now creating waste systems that are just as smart as your mobile phone. Electronic toilets are blowing the minds of many homeowners for the brilliant features that the traditional press-and-flush units lack. An electronic toilet can sense when a person walks up to it that will cause the lid to automatically open. It also has a remote control or a set of buttons beside its bowl that lets the user choose the bidet and flush pressure. After you finish your business, you won’t need to worry about closing the lid because your toilet will do it for you.

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