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Smart Purchase of the Gold Bullion for You

Investing in gold represents a multitude of advantages a value that has been maintained over the centuries, independence from the development of fiat currencies, etc.

For buying gold, Melbourne is a great option. The property laws, governing the country, favor the purchase of gold since you are not subject to any customs duty or tax. In addition to these tax advantages, Melbourne offers you excellent quality gold. Indeed, 70% of the world’s gold is refined in this country.

If you’re ready to invest your money in blue chip stocks, take a look. You are very likely to find the PAMP Suisse gold bar that will enrich you. And for a secure investment, follow our advice for buying gold bars.

Ensure the Seriousness of the Seller

If you want to buy gold in Melbourne, the first thing to do is compare the different traders. For the same quantity of gold, it is possible to pay completely different prices. The purchase of gold being an investment, the ideal is for it to be profitable as quickly as possible. So it is better to get the best deal. By comparing the prices of gold, you will find that it is possible to pay up to an additional 300 dollars for a one kilo bar. Of curse you will have to know the Best place to buy gold bullion.

Besides the comparison only based on price; it is essential to also compare the traders. As soon as there is wealth, there are also charlatans. There are many dealers looking to sell you fake gold. To avoid any scams, here are some tips:

  • If you are buying gold online, make sure the company is recognized. This is the case for example of PAMP (Artistic Products of Precious Metals) where it is possible to purchase PAMP gold bullion online.
  • If you buy from an individual: call a specialist who can identify your gold.
  • It is still possible to buy from Swiss banks for guaranteed security.

Likewise, buying PAMP gold bullion assures you security in your investment. As PAMP is the world leader in the refining of bullions, the quality of the gold is assured.

Favor simple gold bars and the quantity

Buying in large quantities is always cheaper than buying small quantities in several installments. This rule applies to everything, especially gold. It is better to buy 1 kilogram of gold bar than a few grams in several batches. Let us take a real example: at a recognized trader, a gram of bullion cost 58 dollars while a kilo was worth 47,441 dollars on the same date. If you buy 1000 times 1 gram, it comes to 58,000 dollars, or more than 10,000 additional dollars. As such, making a PAMP gold bullion purchase makes it very easy for you to choose the amount of gold you want to invest in.

On the other hand, when buying gold, it is better to go for gold bars than collector coins. For the latter, you not only pay the weight of the gold, but also the cost of minting, the collectable or even emotional value. The price can therefore increase rapidly depending on the parts.