Wednesday - September 27,2023
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Should Rear and Front Brakes be Repaired Simultaneously?

Without adequate brakes in a vehicle, accidents are bound to happen and everyone in the world who may or may not own a car knows that. However, the question which is asked by most people when visiting Maple Shade brake repair service station is whether they should replace rear and front brakes simultaneously. To answer this as simply as possible, a few points are laid below that will help in understanding things about replacing brakes at the same time.

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Can rear and front brakes be simultaneously replaced?

Simply speaking, people can replace rear and front brakes simultaneously if it is required as it can be easily done by the professionals. Brake pads substantially wear out at different rates if front brakes are compared with rear ones.

The reason for this is a car’s front brakes do most work when it comes to stopping a vehicle. Also, nowadays an average vehicle’s front brakes are responsible for a maximum of 70% braking power. It is due to the notion of how weight of a vehicle shifts when it is stopped.

When brakes are applied, the motion transfers weight towards a car’s front portion. Hence, it increases front tires’ downward force causing higher friction in between road and front tires. Similarly, it also removes a certain amount of downward force from back tires, which leads to lesser friction amount between road and rear tires.

How car manufacturers compensate the alteration in braking grip?

Vehicle manufacturers compensate any difference in the braking grip in between rear and front tires based on front wheels’ braking performance. If both brakes used same stopping power, rear ones lock up earlier than front ones because of reduced friction. Hence, front brake pads and rotors are notably larger than back ones.

Moreover, hydraulic pressure imparts on brake calipers when a driver presses brake pedal is something, which is also based on master brake cylinder. It means that when a driver pushes the pedal, ample amount of brake fluid is sent to front calipers which lead to a massive braking force.

So, in most cases people don’t need to replace rear and front brakes simultaneously when choosing brake service in Maple Shade. Most times people opt for changing front brakes instead of both. However, if a change is required for both front and rear tires, then it should be done. It all depends on the vehicle’s condition.

Moreover, to understand when to change the brakes, most modern cars come with an alert system which tells the driver that brakes need to be checked. Or simply by noticing the different sounds the car makes whenever an individual pushes the brake pedal.

Therefore, now you are aware of the fact, that though, both front and rear can be simultaneously replaced, it is something, which is not needed most of the times. It should be opted for only when required after consulting a mechanic and getting the brakes checked in detail.

So, go for a servicing today and check whether your vehicle’s brakes needs replacing!