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Should I Get Paint Correction Before Installing a PPF on My Tesla?

Keeping your car looking smooth and shiny can be difficult, especially when you drive it as much as a Tesla. But with the help of Paint Protection Film (PPF), you can add an extra layer of protection to your car and keep it looking like new. But before you install a PPF, you may be wondering if you should get paint correction first. In this article, we’ll discuss the answer to this question and help you decide whether or not paint correction is a necessary step before installing your PPF. Read on to find out more!

What is Paint Correction?

When you drive your Tesla, it’s inevitable that some small scratches and marks will accumulate on the paintwork. Paint correction is a process that helps to smooth out these blemishes and restore the original shine of the paintwork. It’s normally done with a combination of machine polishing and the use of specialized products to bring back the original glossiness.

The process can take several hours and is generally done by a professional detailer. It involves a lot of skill and expertise and can significantly help to improve the appearance of your car. Therefore it is vital to make sure you find someone experienced and knowledgeable if you decide to get paint correction. Also, finding the price and reviews for the detailing shop is important. For instance, looking for paint correction cost in Atlanta will not only help you find the best service provider but also help you get a fair price for the service.

Is Paint Correction Necessary Before Installing a PPF?

The answer to this question will largely depend on the current condition of the paintwork. If you have a few minor scratches or marks, then you may be able to get away with applying the PPF straight away. However, if you have a lot of scratches or blemishes on the paintwork, then it’s recommended that you get paint correction done first.

The reason for this is that PPF is designed to protect the existing paintwork, not cover up scratches or marks. If you have a lot of scratches and blemishes on the paintwork, then it may not look as good once the PPF is installed. By getting paint correction done first, you can make sure that the existing paintwork looks as good as possible before you install the PPF.

In addition, if you have a car with an old paint job or one that hasn’t been correctly maintained, then paint correction is a must before you install the PPF. This is because if the existing paintwork isn’t in good condition, then the PPF may not stick correctly or provide as much protection. Basically, by knowing in-detail about paint correction and why you need it, you can be sure that your Tesla looks as good as possible before you install the PPF.

To Sum It Up

Now that you know whether or not you should get paint correction before installing a PPF on your Tesla, you can make an informed decision about how to approach the process. Either way, getting paint correction done and investing in a PPF is a great way to keep your Tesla looking like new for years to come. So don’t hesitate to take action today! Good luck!