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Reviewing TV wall mounts: Check all options and features here!

Flat-screen televisions don’t require a standalone desk anymore. You can choose to mount the TV on the wall or keep in a suspending position from the ceiling. Selecting between TV wall mounts can be confusing, given that there are so many choices. In this post, we bring a few tips that may come in handy as you compare choices.

Reviewing wall-mount types

Depending on the viewing experience you want, you can choose between wall mounts. The simplest mount is a fixed one, called the fixed wall-mount. The television will be in a fixed position, often too close to the wall, and you won’t be able to make any further adjustments. If the TV is position on a wall and your seating arrangement is right on the front, this could be a good choice. The next choice is a tilt mount, which can be adjusted vertically to get the viewing angle you need. If the TV is located high on a bedroom wall, this could be the best choice for your room to watch the screen from the floor.

The most expensive and useful of the lot is a full-motion mount, which can be used to move the television both vertically and horizontally. When you want complete swivel adjustment, a full-motion mount is your best bet, and you will also find such mounts to be useful when you want to watch TV from different parts of the same room.

Features to check

First and foremost, check the range of screens that can be mounted on the product. For instance, if you have a big screen, you may want a full-motion mount that has better durability and can withstand more weight. The brand does make a difference, and it is also necessary to check if the mount has to be installed professionally. Check if the product is easy to install and the number of holes that must be drilled to get the TV mount installed. VESA compliance is another aspect that has to be checked, and you should also consider the price. Fixed mounts are cheap, but compared to the advantages of a full-motion mount, fixed mounts hardly make any sense.

The size of screen, placement on the wall, and weight of TV are some of the core aspects that must be checked for selecting a mount, and if you are looking for the best deals and discounts, online stores are your best bet.