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Perfect Solutions with the Right Vitamin C Choices

Every day, you consume it to have fishing. Your skin also needs it to be radiant. Zoom on the benefits of vitamin C in cosmetology. The iherb philippines review will show you that now you can opt for the Vitamin C capsules with the use of the discount codes.

Vitamin C, an essential vitamin

Vitamin C is one of the benefits of a varied diet. Without it, like sailors who faced significant deficiencies, we could contract scurvy. Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid. It is present in kiwis, red fruits, oranges. An energizing active ingredient, it is highly appreciated in cosmetology because it participates in cell renewal. It is also part of the care ingredients offered by the brand new Kylie Jenner cosmetics brand!

What dosage for vitamin C?

To be effective, vitamin C must be precisely dosed in an adapted cosmetic treatment. In some people, it can cause tingling, tightness and a feeling of discomfort. This is particularly the case for sensitive and reactive skin.

The reason is simple, vitamin C has an acidic pH. As such, it is part of fruit acids, which makes it potentially irritating. If you have normal or combination skin, you may also experience unpleasant effects after several days of application. In this case, it is an alert signal from your epidermis which tells you to stop treatment.

Vitamin C cream, serum and masks

You have understood, the ideal is therefore to use vitamin C as a cure. In most cases, treatment from a few days to a few months is sufficient. Creams are better supported because they are enriched with moisturizers, such as oils. Combination and oily skin, which appreciates vitamin C better, can opt for application periods of up to 6 months. Serums, which are more highly dosed than creams, can contain from 5 to 15% of pure vitamin C. You can mix your serum with your day cream and apply it in the evening or in the morning. Vitamin C can also enrich grain-free scrubs and express masks . Apply your mask, leave on for 1 to 15 minutes and rinse off. There are also tonic vitamin C sprays. They refresh the skin when you wake up.

Vitamin C in combination

It is often used in synergy with vitamin E. It is also possible to combine a serum enriched with vitamin C with a treatment with hyaluronic acid. 2 in 1 treatments combine these active ingredients for easier application. A vitamin C treatment can also be combined with a sunscreen. Vitamin C creates a second barrier that protects your skin from free radicals. Finally, vitamin C is often used with vitamin A called retinol. The latter stimulates the production of collagen and regulates the synthesis of melatonin. Make sure that your cream contains at least 0.3% retinol to benefit from its action. Have the best organic capsules for that. You can make use of the iherb code there.

Vitamin C application tips

For those with sensitive skin, favor targeted action with eye care. Apply, for example, vitamin C to your crow’s feet or dark circles. Space applications to avoid unwanted effects, every other day or every other day. If you want to test your skin before buying a cream or serum, apply lemon juice on your skin and rinse. It is very rich in vitamin C. If you tingle, this is a bad sign. Last recommendation, eat your vitamin C treatment in your fridge. When you apply it, you will benefit from a small tightening effect that will tighten your features.