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Pair Your Lawn With The Best Irrigation System, We Tell You How

Home ownership can be a very rewarding but also very daunting experience. Many new homeowners don’t realize all of the extra chores that come with homeownership such as wear and tear on your home and appliances, general home maintenance, and yard work. Maybe your home is in a neighborhood with a homeowners association or maybe you just like the look of a beautiful green lawn, either way there are better solutions than having to manually water your lawn every day. Though they may seem like a simple concept, irrigation systems can actually be complex mechanisms and there are a few different types. Here we will discuss the different irrigation systems available to help you decide which will be best for your lawn.

The first type of lawn irrigation system is a traditional sprinkler system. This is the most common type of irrigation system used for lawns. Typically the sprinkler heads are retracted into your lawn when they are not in use and rise up to disperse the water when it is time. These systems are typically controlled by a timer or computer system that can be programmed for what you determine to be your lawn’s water needs. Searching for an irrigation service in The Colony, TX can connect you with professionals who can install this type of system.

The second type of lawn irrigation system is a drip irrigation system. This type of irrigation system is typically used in flower beds as it does not project water as widely as a sprinkler system. However, this type of system may be beneficial to your yard if you do not require much extra water or if you are looking to save water. If you would like to ensure your system is not wasting water search for an irrigation service in The Colony to have it inspected

If you prefer to do-it-yourself there are several ways to install a simple irrigation system for little cost. There are kits sold for less than $45 that allow you to install and adjust your own sprinkler heads. Additionally, hose timers turn a traditional, removable sprinkler on and off as needed. Some gadgets even link to your bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi. With any of these DIY options all you will need is the particular device and a garden hose.

Having a lush green lawn takes more than just an irrigation system. Other ways of making sure that your lawn is healthy such as mowing your grass high can also help. This is because cutting your grass at about 3″ tall helps the root system develop deeper and stronger while also providing a bit of shade to the root system. Additionally, ensuring that the blades on your lawn mower are sharp will keep them from tearing instead of cutting which can result in brown spots on the grass. Lastly, you should aim to fertilize your lawn about once every six weeks, adjusting as needed. A fertilizer with a nitrogen content between 10 and 14 will help keep your lawn green while also not causing it to grow very quickly.

While we have established that there are several factors that go into a lush, green lawn, water is inarguably one of the most important. However, providing water to your lawn is not the only important part of irrigation. To get the best result from your irrigation system you should ensure that your lawn is receiving a deep watering regularly which usually means only running your system about twice a week. Additionally, you should only water your lawn early in the morning to prevent burning or fungal growth.