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Online Tools That Are Helpful For School and Work At Home

It’s been months since the pandemic started, we’re still in our homes wondering when will this end. Due to lockdown, we are advised to stay at home. Businesses and schools are forced to follow the guidelines for them to continue operating. Employees are now working from home, and students have distance-learning or online classes.

Probably, you are one of those people who are affected by this. Either you’re a student, or an employee, all the resources you usually use in school or office are now irrelevant. Since you can’t use those anymore, it might be harder to do the stuff you normally do, but we have the solutions for you. Here are the online tools that are helpful for your studies or work.

Word and Character Counter Tool

Imagine you are in a situation where your professor asks you to have an exact five hundred words for your assignment or report. Your other classmates will likely ignore this instruction and exceed the required word limit, but you won’t. Instead of counting the words manually, you can use an online word counter in tracking the number of words in your paper.

There are many free word counter tools online, and those free word counter tools mostly include a character counter also. Word and character counters help people who want to keep track of their word and character count. For the character counter, it is also useful for people who write on their social media platforms.

A few social media platforms already have a character counter on its own, but most of them do not. You can use the character counter for those social networking sites to make sure that you will not exceed their limit.

Document Conversion Tool

Your professor is old fashioned when it comes to giving activities. Instead of doing your activities online, your professor prefers sending you a PDF document where your examinations will be. For you to edit the PDF file, you have to be savvy with the PDF editor, but if not, you can always search for a converter tool.

There are many different conversion tools you can search online, but choosing a tool that can handle all types of format is the perfect mixture. Just one extra tip, always check the website before uploading your file, make sure that the conversion tool website you choose is secured and safe.

Presentation Tool

If you need a tool to create a presentation for your report and want to zhoosh it up, there are plenty of online presentation tools you can try, and most of them are free. One of the accessible and best presentation tool is Canva. It’s easy to use and learn. All you have to do is drag-and-drop in creating your slideshow presentation.

When choosing a presentation tool, it is best to consider that the tool offers a high-end quality for presentation and has many options for templates you can use. It should also have easy-to-understand steps for making your presentation so that it won’t take too much of your time when learning the tool. 

Some presentation tools have some other features that allow you to add a video, audio, weblinks, documents such as PDFs and images. These features are also important to consider in choosing your presentation tool. These can make your presentation stand out and more eye-catching.

File Compression Tool

Is your file size too big to be attached to your email? A file compression tool is what you need. The compression tool reduces the size of your file to a manageable size. There are many compression software tools online, each offers different features and supports file formats. Choosing what’s best of all could be time-consuming.

Using a file compression tool is somehow risky. Especially for files containing images, the major tradeoff with this tool is that the more you reduce the size of a file, the more quality you compromise. This might not bother other people, but it’s also important to maintain the file’s quality. That’s why always check the features of the file compression tool you pick.

Here are some ideas for file compression tools that you might want to check out. One of the best compression tools is WinZip. Not only can it compress files, but it can also decompress and protect your files. You can also check WinRAR. It compresses multimedia files, and it chooses the best compression method for you.

In selecting which file compression tool you want, always consider specific points such as the rate of compression, what operating system you are using, and is your file format supported. There are still tons of file compression tools online, but you need to be cautious in choosing which one and keep in mind that there are risks in uploading your files online. 


In this time, online resources are essential, especially to people who work or having their classes at home. For now, it is your best friend. There are many online tools you can search on the internet whenever you need help with something. But the tools that we present are the most common ones. It’s convenient and can be accessed anytime you want.