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Numerous Benefits Await New California Residents

If you are considering a move to Los Angeles, it is best to know the pros and cons before you decide to make the move, as no place is perfect. Many move to LA without giving it a sufficient amount of thought. You should know what to expect before you are packing the moving truck.

What to Know Before You Move to Los Angeles:

There are many great things about moving to the Los Angeles area, like the warm weather, job opportunities, and the proximity to beautiful beaches. Not every day is vacation, so you should be prepared to find a place to live, find a job, and make a new start.

Many businesses today enable their employees to work remotely, so some people have the good fortune of being able to transfer to a new location and keep their jobs. Before you sell everything you have and buy a one-way ticket, here are some things to consider, according to

  • Find a safe neighborhood; you should check into this before move.
  • The weather is close to being perfect throughout the year.
  • People in California tend to be very aware of the environment.
  • You will need access to a car or bike as there is not a lot of public transportation, though this is improving.
  • Everything will take longer to get around due to traffic congestion.
  • Singles often have a hard time meeting people.
  • There are a lot of job opportunities; not everyone is looking for a career in Hollywood.

What are the Pros of Moving to Los Angeles:

There are many benefits of moving to Los Angeles, according to According to, 8.2 million people moved between states in 2022. Of those, California had numerous people moving, with most of them (44,279) moving from Texas. 

Here are some of the positives you can expect to find when moving to California:

  • You will have a lot of outside activities to take part in. You will be close to hiking/biking trails, beaches, and beautiful parks.
  • California has a ton of sports teams. When you make the move to the LA area, you will find plenty to cheer about. Basketball, Baseball, Football, and hockey teams call LA home.
  • The weather is beautiful. In LA, winter temps hover around 60 degrees and in the summer the high reaches around 90 degrees with very little humidity. Beach areas can be cooler. 
  • Numerous job opportunities. LA is a hub for entrepreneurs, and the entertainment industry and is a technology hub. 
  • Most housing units have numerous amenities. In LA, you will pay less than in a small New York apartment, yet have many more amenities. Most apartments have swimming pools, BBQ grills, picnic areas, workout areas, and dog parks. Apartments owned and managed by Steven Taylor LA, offer new residents  wide range of free-time amenities for apartment-dwellers at no additional costs.
  • You have plenty of open spaces to explore. Los Angeles is home to over 30 miles of beautiful beaches. There are many day trips that Angelenos can enjoy, such as a short ferry to Catalina Island and the boardwalk in Santa Monica.
  • The culinary scene in LA can’t be beat. Some of the top chefs in America make the LA area their home. There is about any type of ethnic food you could want. Whether you are looking for a unique dinner or a meal from a top-level chef, everything you want is just minutes away.

Housing Options:

Housing is one of the largest concerns for many who decide to make LA their home. Homeownership is typically not the first choice for those just moving to Los Angeles. Most start out being apartment-dweller. That way, should they decide not to stay in the area, they don’t have to worry about selling their home.  Steven Taylor Los Angeles offers new residents a wide range of apartments that are attractive to those new to the area.

If you decide to move to Los Angeles, chances are you will be met with friendly faces, beautiful weather, weekly farmers markets, and a world of opportunities at your fingertips.