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  Luxury Furniture In Singapore: Debunking Common Misconceptions


Every homeowner dreams of building a visually-appealing space that exudes warmth and comfort. From the statement-making kitchen pendant light to the round coffee table in their Singapore lounge, they carefully choose their home pieces to represent their preferred aesthetic and mood.

But decorating a dwelling is no easy task. Householders like you may feel confused about the best furniture type for your haven. You could opt for standard ones sold in numerous furnishing stores around the state. You could also choose ready-to-assemble pieces if you want to experience building the console table in your Singapore home yourself. Secondhand or pre-loved items are ideal options if you are into antiques and want to live sustainably. But for many interior designers, getting luxury furniture is the best choice for homeowners who want pieces with exceptional designs and construction.But what makes luxury furniture special, and why should Singapore homeowners invest in them


What Makes Luxury Furniture Different?

Unlike cheap pieces in bargain stores, luxury furniture in Singapore is remarkably durable and visually appealing. Master craftsmen source high-quality materials for these home items to ensure they last a lifetime. They also often have complex and refined designs that are impossible to replicate through mass manufacturing.

Aside from its impressive build and design, luxury furniture pieces are often customisable. Their makers and suppliers allow homeowners to add their personal touches to a coffee table or a bar cabinet from a Singaporeluxury furniture store at an additional cost. They could choose the type of wood, textile, or paint colour that their piece will have. Some manufacturers even allow their clients to personalise the fabric pattern of their sofa or accent chairs.


What Are The Misconceptions About Luxury Furniture?

Despite its impressive build and unique style, many homeowners hesitate to visit a luxury furniture store in Singapore and purchase a designer piece. Their minds are brimming with myths that prevent them from experiencing the perks of owning one-of-a-kind furnishings. Scroll through to learn about these misconceptions:

Luxury Furniture Is Only For The Rich

There is no doubt that you will have to spend quite a bit of money to get your hands on a luxury piece of furniture. The price of a high-end sideboard cabinet in Singapore is significantly different from the cost of standard buffets. However, these furnishings are not exclusive to the rich. Individuals with limited budgets can still own designer furniture thanks to its varying price points.

Luxury Furniture Is Excluded From Price Markdowns

Like regular furniture, you can get luxury pieces at sale prices. You could find a round coffee table at up to half of its original price at a designer furniture store that does markdown promotions now and then—just like other furnishing shops. Some places even hold sales every week, so keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities.

Luxury Furniture Is Only For Lavish Interiors

When people hear the word “luxury furniture,” they often think of home pieces with gold and intricate accents. Their minds also go to furnishings that fit the life of a king and queen. Little do they know that the appearance of luxury home items is far from what they imagine. These pieces come in various yet polished styles.

Luxury Furniture Is Suitable For Mansions

A luxury bar cabinet is not only fitting for massive and eccentric estates. Single-family homes, townhouses, and even HDB units owners could own designer items that would change the look and feel of their dwellings for the better. No matter the size of your abode, you could invest in a luxury piece of furniture from Singapore.

Luxury Furniture Does Not Match With Regular Pieces

After buying your first piece of luxury furniture, you do not have to purchase other items or replace existing furnishings in your home with designer ones. You could pair a luxury bar cabinet from Singapore with a three-seater sofa from a ready-to-assemble store and an antique side table from a secondhand furniture shop.

Luxury Furniture Is Difficult To Maintain

Contrary to popular belief, luxury furniture is not challenging to maintain. Like standard pieces you have at home, you need to regularly clean them to preserve their looks and quality. You should also polish and upholster them as soon as you notice that they are losing their imposing looks. But before cleaning designer home items yourself, research their maintenance requirements to prevent them from getting damaged.


Should I Consider Getting Luxury Furniture?

Now that the myths surrounding luxury furniture are cleared, you are probably interested in welcoming a rare designer piece into your home. But if you are still unsure if you should invest in such furnishings and find a place for them in your dwelling, perhaps you could change your mind after learning about the perks of owning them:

Undeniable Durability

If you decide to invest in a luxury console table from Singapore, you will immediately notice how different its quality and build are from other home furnishings you own. It will not chip or crack after getting knocked down or bumped. It could become your kin’s next family heirloom passed down from one generation to another.

One-Of-A-Kind Style

Designer furniture is known for its unparalleled style. Numerous homeowners invest in such pieces due to their rarity. If you decide to purchase a luxury sideboard cabinet in Singapore, only a few people in the world will have the same item. The design of high-end furnishings also has a distinctive look. Every item produced by a luxury furniture store has a polished appearance that would become the centrepiece of your home.

Lasting Aesthetics

Furniture trends come and go. Lion City residents will fall in love with Scandinavian cabinets one day, but then they will be into tables with mid-century styles the following day. Unlike these items, luxury furniture pieces in Singapore never go out of style. Their designers use evergreen styles and rarely follow trends to ensure that your home items would look on-trend for decades.

Preserved Value

Not many homeowners know this fact, but luxury furniture pieces rarely lose their value as they age. Customised and limited edition home items even become more expensive as the years pass. As long as you take care of your designer furnishing, you could profit from it by selling it in the future.

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