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List of Landry’s Restaurants by State

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Landry’s Restaurants by state, where we explore the diverse and delightful dining experiences offered by one of America’s most renowned restaurant groups. Landry’s Inc., known for its wide range of dining establishments ranging from casual to fine dining, has a presence in numerous states across the country. This blog post will delve into the variety and uniqueness of Landry’s restaurants, categorized state by state, to help you find the perfect dining experience wherever you are.

Introduction to Landry’s Inc.

Landry’s Inc. is a multinational, diversified restaurant, hospitality, gaming, and entertainment conglomerate based in Houston, Texas. The company operates more than 600 high-end and casual dining establishments around the world, including well-known brands like Landry’s Seafood, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Morton’s The Steakhouse, Rainforest Cafe, and many others.

Landry’s Restaurants by State: A Comprehensive Breakdown

1. California

  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.: Located in hotspots like San Francisco and Santa Monica, these restaurants offer a fun, family-friendly atmosphere inspired by the movie “Forrest Gump.”
  • Rainforest Cafe: These jungle-themed restaurants, found in cities like Anaheim, provide an immersive dining experience perfect for families.

2. Texas

  • Landry’s Seafood: Originating in Texas, these restaurants offer fresh Gulf Coast seafood with a southern twist.
  • Saltgrass Steak House: Known for their char-grilled steaks, these restaurants are a must-visit for meat lovers.

3. Florida

  • Chart House: Offering fine dining with stunning waterfront views, perfect for special occasions.
  • Joe’s Crab Shack: A fun, laid-back atmosphere for seafood lovers, found in locations like Daytona Beach.

4. New York

  • Morton’s The Steakhouse: Located in the heart of New York City, Morton’s is renowned for its high-quality steaks and elegant dining experience.

5. Nevada

  • Golden Nugget: More than just a hotel and casino, its multiple dining options cater to all tastes.

Specialty and Themed Dining Experiences

Landry’s restaurants are not just about food; they offer unique dining experiences. From the underwater adventure-themed Aquarium restaurants to the historical charm of Willie G’s Seafood & Steaks, there’s something for everyone.

The Significance of Location in Landry’s Restaurants

The location of each restaurant is carefully chosen to enhance the dining experience. Whether it’s a seaside view at Galveston’s Landry’s Seafood or the urban vibe of McCormick & Schmick’s in downtown Houston, the setting plays a crucial role.

Sustainable and Responsible Practices

Landry’s Inc. is committed to sustainability, ensuring that their seafood is responsibly sourced and that their operations minimize environmental impact.

FAQs About Landry’s Restaurants

Q: Are there vegan or vegetarian options available at Landry’s restaurants? A: Yes, many Landry’s restaurants offer vegetarian and some vegan options, though they are best known for their seafood and steak.

Q: Do Landry’s restaurants offer gift cards? A: Yes, Landry’s offers gift cards that can be used at any of their dining establishments.

Q: Is there a loyalty program for frequent diners? A: Landry’s Select Club is a loyalty program offering rewards, priority seating, and special offers.

Q: Can I make reservations at Landry’s restaurants? A: Yes, reservations can be made online or by phone at most Landry’s restaurants.


Landry’s Inc. offers an array of dining experiences across various states in the U.S. Whether you’re seeking a casual family meal or an upscale dining experience, Landry’s portfolio of restaurants provides an array of choices to suit any occasion. This guide serves as a starting point for exploring the rich variety of dining options available under the Landry’s brand, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable culinary journey.