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Kilims and patchwork Carpets

Rugs and carpets are always popular floorings for many years. Carpets are the base of your floor and your furniture design. A dull room turns into a vibrant place just because of some bright and colorful rug. Install carpet at any location of the house; the corner will become the center of attraction and a piece of attention. It is not only the base of your furniture design, but it is also the base of your style taste. Everything in your room represents your sense of style, and carpets work as the signature mark. It leaves an impression like no other can.

There are many types of carpets already present in the market. And many are invented in the last few decades. Thanks to the technology you can also go for retro kinds of carpets. Triexta is one of the mixes and makes kind of synthetic carpets. It carries the softness of synthetic olefin and durability of nylon. Same is the case in carpets there are many types which are made by the fusion of two different materials. Not only in type’s rugs designs and patterns are also copied to make trendy Kilimis and patchwork carpets.

How are these carpets made?

These retro types of carpets are made by hand and machines also help in the dying process. So we can say it is not only a combo of rug and carpet it is also a combo machine-made and hand-woven rugs.

Although they are a quite beautiful piece of decoration, it takes a lot to make them this attractive. Firstly the carpets have to pass through the refining and re-dying process. After that, they are hand-cut into different patterns like triangles, rectangles and geometrical designs. At last, they are sewn together to form a new type of carpet. Last but not the least a fabric is also sewn at its reverse side to keep it durable and presents a proper finished look.

Features of Kilimis and Patchwork Carpets:

  • First and foremost reason for its popularity is that it gives you benefits of carpets along with the style of rugs. That’s the reason they are not old-fashioned or boring anymore, and people are going for them in storms.
  • It is not wrong to say that Kilims and patchwork carpets are rebellious types of the vintage collection. It is carpet no doubt, but with eye-catching, elegant, harmonious, and crazy features. A bland room will turn into a lively statement, and it can also tone down a cluttered place.
  • A statement itself:
  • Every single piece of vintage carpet is the style statement of itself. These carpets have qualities of Patchwork, every pattern and design is different from one another. That leaves a distinct mark on every floor. Also, it does not matter if your lifestyle is trendy and contemporary or traditional and classy it blends in with every lifestyle and every décor scheme of the house.
  • Economical Choice: Not only these carpets are trendy and versatile; they are also a very budget-friendly choice among natural and hand-woven carpets.
  • Decorate any place: Their designs give you a choice for the location of installation. Lay it on waiting areas to make waiting interested or install it in living rooms to make a particular area center of attraction. Also, you can decorate your walls with it. Well, imaginations need no bounds when it’s time to style your house with these unique carpets.

Difference between Kilimis carpets and Patchwork carpet:

Patchwork Carpets: Patchwork carpets consist of colors, patterns and materials which are mostly uniform and consistent. Patchworks are also known as “An affordable and stylish alternative”.

Kilims Carpets: Kilimis carpets follow a little bit different design patterns. While making Kilimis carpets different models, contrasting color and even sometimes, various materials are used. Some may use deep piles, and some will try to incorporate it with other techniques. For instance, a finishing technique at the borders of carpet is also admired by customers. Kilims carpets are also known as “most charismatic carpets” type of carpets due to their distinctive characters.

Putting it together:

Long story short, if I have to summarize the definition of Patchwork, and Kilimis carpets into two precise words; those would be “Refreshingly Different”.