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Instagram was started with the sole purpose of sharing your photos with anyone. However, it has definitely outgrown form its purpose. Today Instagram is one of the most used social media- Image sharing video Sharing Platform. Instagram has a lot of importance when it comes to the most glamorous industry, the fashion industry. Today, Instagram plays a key role in Modeling Industry, Fashion Designing, Film Industry, etc. Instagram has become a way to showcase you in front of the world.

With Instagram having so much influence in the industry, it becomes very important to maintain Instagram properly for the young ambitious generation who wants to make their position in the industry.

There are a few important things that one must keep in mind in order to maintain a professional Instagram account. Firstly you must select a particular niche for yours. Your Instagram profile must reflect your personal attitude, nature apart from your working genre. You must maintain a good posting plan. A posting schedule is always good. A lot of Instagram tools can help you build a great profile.  You must be able to connect with your target audience with your profile and one good way to do that is showing your personal life just like Hannah Pruitt.  Audiences are always interested to know what you do in your personal life so that they can relate them with you.

You must keep in mind that your Instagram is only mean to connect personally with your audience. So you must act accordingly, posting stories with your daily activity will help your audience to connect with you.  Try not to post anything obscene or inappropriate that will definitely hinder your image. Try not to use too many foul words or abusive language. Use appropriate hashtags that will help you connect with more crowds; use specific hashtags that will help you more.

Always mention people in your professional shoots such as directors, photographers, designers, brands that way you will get more audience and more professionalism. It will not only make your connections strong with them but also their follower will get to know about you and they might even follow you. Last but not least do not pretend too much fake, try to be natural and genuine as much as you can, this will have a positive impact on your audience.

You must check out  Hannah Pruitt’s Instagram profile to have a better idea about the professional Modeling Instagram profile.