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Increase Mobility: How To Prepare For Your First Physiotherapy Clinic Visit

In the past few years, many people have realised the importance of health. Everyone becomes more health conscious, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic puts the world under threat. Now, instead of letting their neck pain subsides naturally, they get neck pain treatment in Singapore done by a professional.

After all, the work of physiotherapy experts in Singapore is worth the cost since their massive knowledge about physio and experience performing treatment related to it can help ease discomfort and increase mobility.

If you have back pain and plan to get physiotherapy in Singapore, there are things you need to do for your first physiotherapy session. Keep reading to find out what preparations you have to go through.

Finding A Physiotherapy Clinic

You can expect to get more satisfactory results at a physiotherapy clinic than getting a physiotherapy session with a freelance physiotherapy specialist. Given that they have a facility and advanced equipment that can help with physiotherapy treatment, you can rest assured the pain will go away and improve your ability to move freely.

Just ensure to receive treatment from a reliable physiotherapy clinic in Singapore. When looking for a physiotherapy clinic, consider checking the following to weigh your options and make an informed decision:

  • Ask your peers: family and friends
  • Get referrals from your primary care doctor
  • Search online
  • Drop by in person and speak with the people getting physiotherapy sessions
  • Contact health insurance providers about their affiliated physiotherapy clinics
  • Customer reviews on their Google Business Profile account
  • Feedback on their Business Facebook page
  • Testimonials on their website

Booking Your Physiotherapy Clinic Visit


When you have whittled down your choices to one and decide you want to receive treatment at that physiotherapy clinic in Singapore, think about scheduling your visit. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you should know that most business entities nowadays require their potential customers to book an appointment online.

Here are your options when booking your first physiotherapy clinic visit.

  • Fill out the online appointment form
  • Contact the phone number of your chosen physiotherapy clinic
  • Consider leaving a message via their WhatsApp number

Once you have booked your appointment, consider giving them a call a few days before. It is an added step to inform them that you will come to your scheduled physiotherapy clinic visit on time.

10 Ways To Prepare For Your First Physiotherapy Clinic Visit

1. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

You should know that a lack of sleep disrupts the natural healing process of your body and the efficiency of physiotherapy.  As much as possible before your physiotherapy clinic visit, you should get six to eight hours of sleep.

2. Take A Bath

Having a hot bath helps ease back pain and increases the efficiency of physiotherapy in Singapore. You can expect your muscles will become more relaxed and less stiff during a physiotherapy session.

3. Eat Something Light

If you are hungry and want to have a meal, consider eating something light at least an hour before your physiotherapy clinic visit. That duration is enough to ensure your stomach has digested what you ate.

Here are some light meals that you can eat.

  • Slices of apple with a spread of peanut butter
  • Yoghourt parfait
  • A whole fruit smoothie
  • A half cup of oatmeal
  • A whole boiled egg and banana

4. Drink Plenty Of Water

Besides taking a bath, drinking plenty of water helps loosen the muscles. You can expect the physiotherapy expert will not have a hard time manipulating or putting some pressure on your muscles, joints, or tendons.

5. Say Not To Alcohol

Alcohol beverages may have the same liquid state as water, but their composition is different. You should know that even a small glass of alcohol can increase your blood pressure and strain the muscles.

6. Wear Appropriate Clothes

While going to a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore is not considered an event, you should still dress the part. The physiotherapy professionals will be able to execute the treatment quickly if the patient is dressed appropriately, such as in stretchable jogging trousers and t-shirts.

Consider removing accessories like bracelets or eyeglasses when your physiotherapy session starts so they will not get damaged during the procedure.

7. List Down Your Symptoms

Since this will be your first physiotherapy at this clinic, they have little to no information about your health. Informing them of your symptoms, such as when you feel discomfort, will enable the physiotherapist to apply the proper technique to relieve it.

8. Share Family Medical History

Apart from your symptoms, sharing your family medical history can also help them assess your condition. A physiotherapist can inform you about the risk you need to avoid or resolve to lower the chances of getting back or neck pain.

9. Come With Questions

It is only natural you have so many questions about physiotherapy in Singapore besides the cost since you have not gotten one before. You can ask inquiries without missing anything when you write down the queries on paper or on your smartphone.

  1. Discover Your Financial Obligation

Whether or not you have a health insurance provider, you should know your financial obligation beforehand. It allows you to prepare for the amount of payment you need to settle once your physiotherapy session ends.

If you have a health insurance provider, it would be wise to ask them to know if they will cover the physiotherapy visits and treatment.

Get A Physiotherapy Treatment Today!

Even though you need to do a lot of preparations, everything will be worthwhile as long as the discomfort subsides. When the physical therapy session finishes successfully, the improvement in mobility is only a bonus.


You should know, however, that some discomfort does not go away in one session. That means you should get multiple sessions, just like when you are getting physical therapy in Singapore.

Contact Edge Healthcare at 6908 1871 (Cecil Street Branch) or 6235 5488 (Orchard Road Branch) or leave a message on their website if you plan to get neck pain treatment or cardiac rehabilitation in Singapore.