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Importance of Local SEO Updates When Business Migrates to Another Location

The local search ranking of your physical store retail is on top because of the successful SEO strategy. It is thrilling that now your local business is migrating to a new location. You don’t desire to lose your local SEO advantages, so you think about editing the location status on the Google My Business listing profile, which will automatically update the collection of business listings. Unfortunately, your assumption is wrong as it does not work in this manner!

Importance of local SEO updates while relocating

Google draws data from several sources and if you update only on the GMB listing then there will be inconsistencies created in the local SEO because other sources will offer Google incorrect data.

It is important to have local citation consistency across the internet. Two different location statuses give an impression to the search engine crawlers that these are two different businesses. This can damage your local SEO efforts and thus your local ranking can collapse.

Even potential local customers searching for your business depend on the NAP [name, address, and place] details. If it is inconsistent you can lose opportunities because they are confused. To avoid such glitches, proactively update all your local business listings, when you relocate.

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How to update local business listings?

Local SEO checklist in 2019

Business relocating is chaotic but set some time to handle your local SEO for ranking preservation as well as help prospective clients to find the new location address.

Update your website

Website is your digital address, just like your physical location. Therefore, it is essential to keep it updated and preserve your traffic both in-person and online. Your business NAP is listed on the contact page but ensures to make changes even if it is mentioned anywhere in the site’s footer. Embed a new location map on your site, so that people don’t have to spend time looking up on their own.

Close old business listings

If the location, you are moving to was previously occupied by another company then check old listings. There will be several mentions in existence. Clear these connected listings with your new location to ensure that only your business shows up in searches connected to that spot. Never try to add a citation that is already verified on GMB. It gets flagged as a duplicate in your account and will not appear.

Update every listing

Your business is listed on multiple directories and places. Make sure to use a local citation finder and update all the listings.

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