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Identifying Odor Control Needs At Your Construction Site

Odor issues at construction sites can be unexpected and might work against the construction project you’re meant to accomplish. This might start as a non-compliance issue or a nuisance which can develop into a much bigger issue. Therefore, solving the odor problem requires that you analyze how the construction site processes produce and disperse odorous air. Thereafter, you should identify the right odor control solutions like those found on Putting the right odor control solutions in place helps make the construction site more favorable. And this translates to having more productive workers.

What To Consider When Deciding On Your Odor Control Solution                   

There are various odor control solutions on the market for alleviating various industrial odors. That’s why construction business owners and site managers should consider many factors when deciding on an odor control solution that’s best suited for your site.

Assess the scale of the issue

Start by assessing the extent of the odor issue on the construction site. Working with odor control experts can help you identify harmful or offending compounds. They can then measure the airflow circulating those compounds and find out how much of these odors should be eliminated.

Available resources

Next, determine the resources you have on-site. If you have no access to water on site could mean that you should avoid bioscrubbers and biotrickling filters. As such mechanical resources count too. Ventilation schemes may work better-suited for some odor control solutions and could rule out others. Again, ventilation modifications might set a stage for you to have more effective odor control solutions.

Consider the space

Also, you should consider the available space. If the available space is limited and adjoining land is under development, getting a large biofilter might not work well. While bioscrubbers or biotrickling filters may be smaller, they can naturally handle airstreams of higher odor concentrations than a biofilter. Equally, if you have more real estate at your disposal with no close neighbors, then choosing a biofilter can work best for you.

Maintenance personnel

Ultimately, think about your maintenance personnel. Realize that the different odor control solutions out there require different skill levels and man-hours to maintain. Some issues require maintenance personnel to handle any hazardous materials. Consider whether you have to invest in more training or if you have to hire more maintenance personnel.

Finding the best odor control solutions

Realize that odor control does not involve getting treatment equipment in each place where you’ve noticed odorous air. Rather, this approach might prove to be more expensive. Proper odor treatment calls for a diligent survey on the inner workings of your site with the intent of alleviating it. You should then powerfully treat more of the foul air. This could mean a larger initial investment, but the results will be well worth it, with effective and long-term odor control solutions.

To eliminate foul odors in your construction site, it’s important that you directly go to the source.  When you eliminate unpleasant smells on your job site, it means construction workers will become more productive.