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Ideas for Wedding Themes in Every Style

A wedding theme will establish the mood for the special day and direct all subsequent aesthetic choices. This might be a very intimidating commitment to make for the same reason.

Do you want to keep things current and trendy or take the romantic route?

Perhaps particular hues or design elements have greater emotional resonance, or perhaps some iconic details hold nostalgic worth. From there, you can use your creativity to define the theme based on those standards.

You can start making the remainder of your wedding arrangements once you’ve decided on the theme of your desires.

There are wide varieties and wedding styles offered by many bridal studios Singapore to help you decide.

Thus, we’ve compiled the greatest wedding themes for every wedding style and location, no matter how distinctive. Lay the groundwork for your vision by using this as a comparison tool to finally cross this important choice off of the planning to-do list.


Typically, a romantic wedding features lots of flowers, soft colours, and gentle lighting. Consider pastels, calligraphy, hanging lights (including chandeliers), and a floral wall for this theme.


More of an unconventional couple who has never gone the traditional route? We understand. Bypass convention with a nontraditional wedding theme and go with it as you choose.

An alternate theme is calling your name if you prefer chilly, sombre colour schemes and inventive stand-ins to bright flower and tried-and-true wedding décor. You can push the limits as far as you like.


If you want a vintage-inspired wedding, look to the past for inspiration.

One of the simplest ways to do this is by using your wedding attire and makeup.

In order to further illustrate a vintage-inspired wedding, you can rely on antique-looking décor for the ceremony and reception, such as weathered doors and used wood seats.

Finalize the vintage theme with one last flourish by making your getaway in a vintage vehicle, such as an old Porsche or Volkswagen.


Your wedding will be filled with vibrant pops of colour and quirky, boho accents for the whimsical couple. Include decorative elements like mismatched seats, streamers, colourful floral arrangements, and balloons in various colors.


Think clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimal design when planning a modern wedding.

Channeling a current theme is up to you because it has few limitations.

Put a contemporary spin on everything, including your wedding attire (ditch the white) and the venue decorations, such as modern seating, a chic structural background, or a striking color scheme.


Our personal favorite as a bridal shop Singapore, the simple and cosy atmosphere of this theme is enhanced by the use of string lights, mason jars, twine, lace, and wood in all its forms.

Rustic wedding decor will be right up your alley if you’re a great fan of DIY.

If this is your ideal wedding style, take into account a more rural location, such as a stylish and cosy barn.