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How to tighten your stomach with Cutting Steroids and Workouts

Watching television programs or fitness programs, many representatives

Watching television programs or fitness programs, many women want to look exactly like their trainers. A flat tummy with cubes directly beckons. But the fact that it looks so beautiful and easy from the blue TV screens is not so easy to pretend in life. After all, all the cubes of the press are the direct muscles of our abdomen, which can contract in isolation and in order for them to grow, it is necessary to smoothly increase the load on the press. The following four simple exercises will help you tighten your stomach, become more attractive and slimmer for girls.

Exercise number 1 – twisting sitting

A trained, trained body requires a significantly greater load, large repetitions, as well as more complex exercises. So, traditional ordinary twists perform on the floor with the lower and upper body lifting up. However, beginners need to twist while sitting. The twisting data is done with less effort, which for an untrained abdomen will be just right. It will be best to do such twists in the gym, where you will have at hand a special simulator for performing pulls of the upper body.

Exercise number 2 – retraction of the abdomen

So how to tighten your belly by pulling the abdomen in? Elementary. Retraction of the abdomen in a standing position is also called a standing vacuum. This exercise involves both the rectus abdominis muscles and the lateral oblique muscles (external and internal).

  • 1. Stand in front of the mirror so that you can see how your stomach works, and begin to retract. The longer your stomach stays pulled in, the more your abdominal muscles contract.
  • 2. When doing the exercise, remember about proper breathing: it must be even, you cannot hold your breath. Inhalation is carried out on retraction, hold in this position for five seconds and lower the stomach.
  • 3. Retraction can be combined with raising the chest up (the movement is taken from the technique of oriental dance).

This vacuum exercise can also be performed while lying or sitting. This exercise is good because it can be done on the way home and work, while walking.

Exercise number 3 – lifting legs

Raising the legs perfectly engages the lower rectus abdominis muscles, as well as the iliopsoas muscle. For this exercise, the girls will need a special rug, but if the exercise is performed at home, then you can use a Cutting Steroids in USA. But in both cases, the surface must be sufficiently rigid and flat.

  • 1. Starting position: Lie on your back, put your hands along the body or under the buttocks and raise straight legs up. Breathing out is an effort.
  • 2. For beginners: the legs rise slightly bent at the knees so as not to injure the lumbar region.

Exercise number 4 – lifting the body

The traditional, well-known, press swing is an excellent exercise that involves and works out the rectus abdominis muscles. To perform the exercise, you need to lie on the floor (on a step platform raised on one side or an inclined bench). The load in this case will be completely different, because the bench with a slope has an angle that enhances the load. For example, an angle of 45 degrees is a level for the more advanced. It will be quite difficult for a beginner to lift his weight with such a tilt of the bench. Therefore, do not bend forward the train, as they say, you go quieter, you will continue. You need to start with the usual raising of the body from the floor:

  • 1. First, tear off only the shoulder blades, while the arms are behind the head, the elbows tend to the sides.
  • 2. Then you can increase the amplitude of the rise, ie tear off the upper body completely from the floor, while the legs are bent at the knees.

Have a good workout!