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How to Remove Scuffs from Hardwood Floors

It is frustrating when you come home to find scuffs on your hardwood floors. It can leave a mark that only gets worse with time. It is time to put away the vacuum cleaner and step up your game.

The first step is to understand what a scuff is. A scuff is simply a mark that was made by the shoe of someone walking on a surface. The bottom of the shoe has a slightly rougher surface than the floor, so they scratch the floor as they walk. This can be from sneakers, dress shoes, or high heels. When this happens, it leaves a mark that is usually circular with sharp edges on the outside and dull or rounded on the inside.

The next step is to remove the scuff

You can do this in various ways, but the one you will likely use is a sponge and some water. Take a sponge and wet it with some water. The sponge should be wet enough so that it easily spreads the water out across the scuff mark. Next, apply the damp sponge to the scuff mark and rub in a circular motion with even pressure across the entire scuff area. This should remove the scuff, which should be visible on the sponge. If it does not seem to work, try using a little more water in the sponge or applying more pressure.

If it still does not come off completely, you may have to use sandpaper

If you choose to use sandpaper, you will need to remove any dust or debris first. Sanding may also dull the finish on your floor if you do not get all of the scuffs. Test the sandpaper on a small area before attempting to use it on your floor. Sand the scuff mark in a circular motion until it disappears. The sanding may leave fine scratches on your floor that will need to be filled. You may also have to use a little bit of water or a damp cloth to clean up the sanding dust.

When in doubt, call a professional and have them remove the scuff

If you’re unsure that you’ll be able to remove the scuff with floor maintenance, it’s best to call a professional and see if they can help you. A professional may use a chemical scuff remover or an electric sander to remove the marks. If they cannot remove the marks, they will fill them in with wood filler.