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How to Remove Old Odors from Your New Home

Old, stagnant odors are a problem that many people experience when they buy an older home. These smells can linger for months or even years if you don’t take the appropriate steps to get rid of them. Of course, some steps are obvious to most people, but there are a few options you may not have considered or thought about yet. Keep reading to find out some easy, great ways to get rid of lingering odors in your home ranging from eliminating smoke odors to how to get rid of cat pee smell. 

Smoke Odors

Getting rid of smoke odors in the home is no easy endeavor. This is especially true if the previous occupants were heavy smokers or smoked indoors for many years. This is common in an older home where the previous owners would commonly smoke inside for decades. To begin, you should assess how heavy the smoke smell truly is and how much nicotine buildup is on the surface. In extreme cases, the drywall and any textured ceiling may need to be removed and replaced. 

A great way to make a big difference is to use vinegar diluted with water to clean. It removes nicotine and smoke odors effectively and is cheap and easy to use. Start with cabinets, windows, and light bulbs. Thoroughly clean these surfaces and allow them to dry. Make sure to wash any window coverings and loose fabric with vinegar and water in the washing machine. Be sure to also steam clean any carpets and hard floors in the home. This process may need to be repeated a few times. Sometimes carpeting needs to be replaced if it is old or has too much buildup of nicotine and smoke. 

Pet Odors

Another common issue is pet odors trapped within the home. Sometimes the home will absorb the pet odors completely, making the process of eliminating them very difficult. In most instances, it is wise to repaint the walls and remove any carpet if there is heavy damage and the smell is strong. If there are small areas where a pet had an accident, you may be able to spot treat to salvage the wall or floor. A common question many homeowners have when trying to rid pet odors is how to get rid of cat pee smell. The best method is to use a safe, yet effective spot cleaning treatment that will fully eliminate the odor and any other foul odors that may also be lingering on surfaces. This is also true for dog smells and other pet odors.


Mildew odors are very common in most older homes. This is especially true if they have sat vacant on the market for a while. The best way to rid the home of mildew is to clean with a diluted bleach solution or even peroxide. However, one of the easiest ways to get rid of mildew odors is to stem clean all fabric surfaces, repaint, and air out the home by opening all of the doors and windows on a nice day. 

If you are plagued by old, foul odors in your home, try these methods to get good results and help you make the space more pleasant and odor-free. When all else fails, turns to Biocide Systems to permanently eliminate any odors with the power of chlorine dioxide. If you’re wondering how to get rid of cat pee smell or other offensive odors, look no further than Biocide’s ClO2 liquid shocker for unbeatable results.