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  How To Reduce Anxiety When Getting A Medical Check Up In Singapore

Perhaps, one of the common reasons why people avoid a medical check up in Singaporeis fear. This fear has several roots.

Firstly, people fear negative medical results. People are afraid to learn that there is something wrong with their bodies. The first thought that enters their mind when they hear the bad news is, “am I going to die?” No one wants to die early, so this fear is understandable.

Secondly, people have phobias. Iatrophobia is the fear of doctors and medical tests. On the other hand, hemophobia is the irrational fear of blood, bleeding wounds, and injuries. Trypanophobia is the extreme fear of medical procedures that involve injections and needles. Tomophobia is the fear of surgical procedures. These phobias stop people from getting a health screening package.

Thirdly, people are afraid of contracting diseases from the patients in the hospitals. This fear is groundless. Hospitals follow standard protocols for managing patients with contagious diseases. Additionally, they sanitise their facilities regularly; hence hospitals reek of antiseptics.

Lastly, past trauma with doctors, medical procedures, or events in the hospitals is also a root cause of fear of getting medical check-ups. Traumas can also trigger phobias and prevent people from visiting a Singapore sports medicine centre.

This article will guide you to some helpful tips on how to cope with the fear and anxiety of getting a medical check-up.

How To Reduce Fear And Anxiety When Getting A Medical Check Up In Singapore

You cannot erase your fear of getting medical tests and check-ups overnight, but you cannot avoid health check-ups entirely to evade the feeling of being afraid. Skipping check-ups, especially if you are in dire need, may have serious consequences.

If you need to consult a doctor and visit asports injury clinic in Singapore, you must learn how to cope with your fear and anxiety.

Here are some tips you can do to reduce your fear:

1. Validate your feelings.

It is normal to be afraid while waiting for your test result to come out, similar to your feeling when waiting for your turn for a job interview.

Suppressing your feelings and keeping all your emotions bottled up can only make it worse. Expressing your worries is good for your mental health. It is better for you to bring a friend to your doctor’s appointment at a Singapore sports medicine centre for emotional and mental support.

2. Don’t assume bad things.

A common proverb says to hope for the best but expects the worst. But in this case, assuming the worst is unhealthy. It only creates unnecessary stress and anxiety, especially if your doctor has not yet relayed your current health status.

Remember, imaging tests do not always mean you have deadly diseases. And some symptoms do not always mean you are on the brink of death, unlike what Google suggests sometimes.

One fact remains: stress can worsen your health. It is better to hope for the best when getting a health screening package.

3. Don’t ask about other people’s experiences.

When we are unsure or need assurance before undergoing treatment or medical check upin Singapore, we often ask people who underwent the same procedures about their experience.

It can be a double-edged sword. Patients may feel safe and assured when they know their friend’s experience was okay. However, gory details about the treatment can also incite fear and anxiety, especially in those with phobias.

These stories can also contribute to people’s terrible and negative assumptions about the treatment. It is better to reserve your questions about the procedure for your doctor.

4. Research your doctor and health care provider

Some people feel safe when they know they are in good hands. Searching for credentials, expertise, and experience of attending doctors and health care providers can help ease your fear.

Not only does it assure you that you are getting the best treatment, but it also helps build trust and connection with your doctor.

Apart from alleviating stress and anxiety, you also evade possibilities of medical malpractice if you trust a reliable and credible healthcare provider, such as a clinic orSingapore sports medicine centre.

You can do your research whilst looking for a health screening package.

5. Try relaxation techniques

Waiting for your test results or a check-up could be the most stressful part of getting a medical check up in Singapore. Some even experience panic attacks.

It is advisable to bring someone who recognises signs of a panic attack. Its symptoms include restlessness, increased heart rate, rapid breathing or hyperventilation, sweating, trembling, chest pain and choking, and a surge of panic.

Some relaxation techniques can avoid impending panic attacks. Deep breathing can help you relax. Try to breathe deep and slow; count three seconds before releasing the breath. Try this exercise three times or more until you feel relaxed.

Counting slowly and silently can shift your focus on the activity instead of on your fear and worries.

Closing your eyes and conjuring happy memories or thinking about relaxing scenes can also make you feel light.

Talking to someone can also keep you distracted.

You can do these techniques whilst waiting for your doctor’s appointment at the sports injury clinic in Singapore.

6. Bring a support buddy.


A support buddy is a person you trust and feel comfortable with. This person will give you emotional, mental, physical, and even spiritual support.

They should be willing to listen when you vent out your worries. They should not judge you when you are fearful.

This person also makes sure to make you feel happy and only brings good vibes. It is also helpful to choose a person who shares the same religious belief as you. You can ask them for prayers whilst waiting for the results of the medical tests.

Other than that, this person also serves as a distraction. You can chat and share some stories while waiting for yourhealth screening package. Make sure to choose the right person because there are people who only make your feelings worse.


Avoiding health check-ups is not the right solution to fear of getting a medical check up in Singapore. It has unlikely health consequences.

Many people experience anxiety when consulting a doctor. Applying these tips can help you cope with fear.

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