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How to measure your walls for peel and stick wallpaper

One thing that often confused people is that how to measure the wall for your peel and stick wallpapers. To measure the perfect measurement for your wall you must measure both the width and height of the wall to cover the wallpaper perfectly. Different walls have different sizes so before buying any wallpaper you must measure the perfect size of the wallpaper so that it would look amazing when you stick it.

Rectangular wall

Pradeep you firstly need to measure the width and height of the wall. When you have the measurement in your hand the next step is to divide the whole off the wall with one panel of the width. Now you should round the result up and the number shows that the total number of panels you would need to cover your wall. After determining this the next step is to decide the height of the panel that will work best for you and cover your whole wall.

Slanted wall

Mostly the wall of the kid’s room is slanted and if you are going to shop for cute wallpapers for kids then you should measure the width and height of the slanted wall as well.In such a kind of wall, you have to measure the width of the fall to the maximum height so that the maximum height of the panels will be covered along with the shortest height of the wall. After measuring the width of the longest height of the splendid wall you should measure so that you will purchase the peel and stick wallpaper accordingly.

The whole wall of your room for the living room must be covered to give a more elegant look with a trendyvibe. The measurements play a vital role for wallpapers. According to the width and height of the wall only you will be able to purchase the wallpaper. This is important because if you purchase wallpaper that is less than the measured height and width then you will be not able to stick the whole wall with the wallpaper and it may look bad. On the other hand, if you have purchased more than the measured wallpaper then it will be a waste of money so you have to measure the width and height of the wall before and then purchase your favourite peel and stick wallpaper.