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How To Improve Your SSAT Scores In 2020?

If you are keen to take admission in an independent school, you must have heard about the term SSAT. The SSAT is similar to an Entrance Exam that is used for taking admissions in a private or independent school. There are many students who wonder how to crack and prepare for SSAT tests. So, let’s take a clear look at the key steps through which SSAT scores can be improved?

Before we dive into the scores, it is pivotal to discern the basic characteristics of the tests.

What is SSAT?

The SSAT is a standardized test that is required when taking admission in an independent school. It has three levels:

  • Elementary, for Class 3 or 4
  • Middle, for Class 5 to 7
  • Upper, for Class 8 to 11

The test’s primary objective is to measure quantitative, verbal and reading skills with the ability of critical thinking and problem-solving. 

  • The quantitative section includes basic fractions, operations & ordering numbers (elementary) and algebra, geometry & data analysis (higher studies).
  • The verbal section includes: responding to analogy and synonym questions.
  • The reading section includes: answering comprehension and analyzing questions of short passages.

The overall SSAT test is designed to measure skills rather than focusing on achievement. Even if you master specific skills, the tests are not intended to rely on the same. This approach keeps the tests fair for all educational backgrounds. 

How to score in SSAT?

The final score of SSAT is based on the overall performance when compared with other test-takers. In this test, a percentile ranking and the scaled score is received by the students. The scaled score depends on the grade level.

  • Elementary: 300 to 600 per section, or 1200-1800
  • Middle: 440 to 710 per section, or 1320-2130
  • Upper: 500 to 800 per section, or 1500-2400

How to get the best scores?

Taking practice tests is one of the best ways to improve your SSAT scores. SSAT practice test papers help students to get familiar with the specific format, time constraints, instructions, and content. Practice tests offered by reputed platforms offer a great opportunity where students can practice while easing the uncertainties, they are likely to experience. 

  • Students quickly get accustomed to the question types and formats
  • Students are given real-exam like environment to understand what is going happen on exam dates. 
  • Students could sharpen their abilities in different sections like quantitative, verbal, and reading comprehension. 

SSAT tests are all about an unknown world where students with the highest ability to crack the examination grab the opportunities to study in the best schools. Practice or mock-up tests can mean a lot for students. For assessing both your strengths and weaknesses, SSAT Practice test papers are indispensable. 

It is highly recommended that every student takes these tests before appearing in SSAT. These practice tests help them to understand their levels of preparations, Parents also remain confident that their wards are well-prepared for the forthcoming SSAT. The tests will help in determining the drawbacks so that students can work specifically on them.