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Honest Training Paths to Affiliate Marketing


The affiliation is a marketing and sales channel online based on results, this way, advertisers pay a number of affiliates for the achievement of predetermined objectives such as sales, registrations or clicks.

What Happens in the Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, a merchant (online store or advertiser) promotes their services or products through advertisements and an affiliate (usually a web page) inserts those advertisements and promotions. If a user visits an affiliate website and is hit by a promotion from an advertiser, they have the ability to click on the banner and perform a certain action on the advertiser’s site (usually a purchase or registration). The affiliate receives a commission payment for this action.

  • It is a digital marketing option widely used by marketing departments, but not as well known by entrepreneurs. This modality allows brands to carry out advertising actions within affiliated websites, owned by third parties, in a sponsorship agreement system.
  • The great advantage that it offers to advertisers is to be able to have their advertising and even sell their products or services on external media and that are chosen for their content and web traffic qualities.

The Right Benefit

There are many benefits that a company or organization can find in an Affiliate Program, from being able to develop a branding plan , to selling products online, getting leads for the database, through attracting new customers and all this subject to the paradigm of Payment for Results, so characteristic of the digital world. As you going through the  you will get the chance to read an honest review of the Evergreen Wealth formula and he ways this process can help you have the proper understanding of Affiliate Marketing process.


In other words, the advertiser will only pay if it obtains the agreed results, so both parties work under the same objective, on the one hand, advertisers develop specific pieces to try to make the ads attractive to the navigator of each site and that is of quality and aligned with the objectives. On the other hand, the affiliate is interested in showing campaigns that are seen by their navigators as quality and useful information, otherwise they will only dirty the web and the advertising will be appreciated as annoying.

To get more benefits from the campaigns, the affiliate will develop content and marketing actions aimed at attracting the target audience of the campaigns. As a marketing method, affiliation had boom times, but is currently in decline.

Parties Involved In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, also called “affiliate marketing”, encompasses business relationships in which an “advertiser” company promotes or sells its products or services through advertisements, for which the “affiliates” insert said advertisements on their web pages.


In this way, the advertising company benefits from the impact on users who visit the affiliated websites, with the great advantage that it can be highly segmented traffic and that it is highly targeted to the consumption of the advertising company’s products or services, covering a much larger segment of the population.