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  Ho-Ho-How To Design Holiday T Shirt Printing For Your Company In Singapore?

The holiday season may be a few months away, but it does change the fact that people are starting to search for Christmas gifts. After all, Christmas is another festive time when most people enjoy themselves with their families and friends. But as the holiday season gets closer each day, the more you should ask: is your holiday marketing ready? As a business owner, the earlier, the better, so you can stand out from your competitors. In that case, invest in a custom corporate shirt and printing this coming holiday season.

While it is true that t shirt printing for a company in Singapore is nothing new, this strategy still works. Whether you use custom shirts as giveaways to your customers or let your employees wear them throughout the holiday season, a customised one can help promote your niche.

The longer and as often your employees wear a personalised t shirt, the general public in Singapore will become more aware of your brand. In other words, it helps brand awareness and brand recognition, not only to the target audience but also to anyone who has seen the design of your holiday t-shirt.

9 Tips For Designing A Holiday T Shirt

If this is your first time creating t shirt clothing design and ensuring the printing quality in Singapore, taking notes of the following tips might help you with the design process.

1.  Brainstorm The Types Of Shirt

Any personalised t shirt in Singapore starts with brainstorming the types of shirt. If you plan to create for the upcoming holiday season, you should put more time and effort into preparing this.

Here are your options for the types of shirts:


2.  Prepare The Artwork Properly

Once you have decided the type of shirt you want for your personalised t shirt, the next thing you should do is prepare the artwork. Remember that the printed images will serve as your company’s Christmas marketing campaign and brand image.

If you lack the creative skills to create the artwork yourself, hire a professional designer. They can help you create a custom corporate shirt with quality printing for the upcoming holidays.

3.  Consider Your Market

Whether you are working with a professional designer on the artwork or creating a personalised t shirt design yourself, you should consider your market. After all, they are the ones who you will encourage to check out your business, purchase your products or get your services.

Here are the demographics you should take note of when considering your market:

  • Sex (female, male)
  • Age (teenager, young adult, adult)
  • Interest (trends they follow)

4.  Set A Modest Print Size

When you already have the artwork ready, it is time to set a modest print size. You should know that something too big or too small can generate a weird impression of your business.

To guarantee no one will say something about the artwork size, you should keep it modest. Try to consider the printing surface area. It will help you determine the modest print size.

5.  Be Careful Of Humour

Even though everyone becomes connected 24/7, thanks to the internet, that does not mean the humour and common sense of everyone are the same. You should know that differences remain because not everyone shares the same cultural background, beliefs, etc.

If you plan to add some humour to your custom tee shirt before the printing process in Singapore, keep it generic. Something that everyone can relate to when they see it.

6.  Choose Holiday Colours

Since your personalised t shirt clothing is for the holiday season, it is only natural to choose holiday colours. That way, your target audience will feel the holiday spirit more as the holiday gets closer.  The red and green on your personalised t shirt will remind your target audience to get their holiday shopping list ready.

7.  Mind The Image Resolution

No matter how beautiful the artwork for your holiday corporate shirt, its printing quality will not be good if it does not have an excellent image resolution.

The ideal image resolution your artwork should have is 300 DPI. for sending the files to your chosen tee shirt printing service in Singapore, check the image resolution and make proper adjustments. Otherwise, the outcome will look pixelated.

8.  Get The Right File Format From The Designer

Besides the image resolution, the artwork should also be in the correct file format. Doing so guarantees that the image will not get distorted or becomes unable to view when viewed on your chosen tee shirt printing service’s computer.

To prevent that, ask the tee shirt printing service about the file format they prefer so you can save the artwork that way.

9.  Source A Good Tee Shirt Printing Service

The quality output does not only come with a price but is also done by a reliable provider. When it comes to a corporate shirt with quality printing, you should rely on the ones that offer a good tee shirt printing service.

Here are the factors to consider when searching for a reliable one.

  • Excellent portfolio (if they do not have one on their website, request them so you can see their work)
  • Good customer reviews (on their GMB and Facebook page)
  • Provide samples before the mass printing production
  • Give out hard and soft copies of the agreement
  • Offer custom layout design (present some inspiration designs to help them visualise the artwork you have in mind)

Be Early Than Santa And Start Your Holiday Marketing By Designing A Holiday Shirt!

The earlier you get your holiday marketing ready, the more prepared you become to meet your customers’ demands for the upcoming holiday season. To guarantee you will not miss other events that people celebrate, create a calendar and design a custom shirt or jersey with quality printing in Singapore.

Contact Express Printing at +65 9892 6924 if you want to partner with them and help you create personalised t shirt clothing for future events in Singapore.