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Handy Guides for Newbie Hot Plate Users

You might come in a condition when you need a portable cooker. Hot plate is quite familiar among people. It works well whenever you need a replacement for a stove or oven. These days, this cooking tool uses electrical power to perform. 

Most of electric hot plates have round surface but they vary in size and shape. People usually choose the small size to bring during traveling. Compared to induction cooker, people find it easier to use. Check out for bargain prices on hot plates and induction cookers in Sri Lanka.

However, it can be a little bit tricky during first try. So, these guides tell you the dos and don’ts. 

  • Not only used to prepare a meal, people also reheat the cooked foods using this appliance. Although it is quite common for many people but you are better not using metal pan when cooking with this plate. Any metal product either able to harm the plate or cause other problem.
  • Preparation before cooking is really matter. Make sure the bottom of pan you will use is in dry condition. It is an important thing prior to use hot plate. Wet pan base can be dangerous for both pan and electrical plate. Moreover any non-heat-resistant cooking tool which is not recommended for stove cannot be used for the plate.
  • Understand about heat setting is pretty essential. Adjust the temperature perfectly based on your cooking needs.  Each cooking process may require different kind of temperature. If you still unfamiliar, make sure to check the user manual to know what kinds of cooking suit low or high temperature. Get your self an induction cooker with temperature adjustment knobs and ceramic surface for good price in Sri lanka at bestbargains.
  • Working with a burner, either it is an induction cooker or electrical plate requires a caution from users. Protect your hand from excessive heat by wearing heat-resistant mitten. The heat both from the electrical plate and hot pan can be dangerous for your hands.
  • While cooking with this kitchen appliance, you need to pay attention with your surrounding as well. You need to keep away any explosive or vaporous objects from this plate. It is because those objects are reactive either with the heat or the electricity used in the cooking process.
  • The condition of hot plate is other thing that need to be checked when it comes to safety. Make sure that it is in a good condition when you use it for cooking. Check the surface of plate to discover if there is any crack. When you find it, you have to repair it previously. Otherwise, you can ask the manufacturer about the problem to ensure its safety when cooking. 

Pay attention to the cautions after using the appliance. After getting done with cooking, never straightly move the plate to another place. However, give it a moment to be cool first. After that, you could move it aside or put it in the storage. No matter whether you are newbie or already familiar with this kitchen tool, safety need to come first. Mistreats potentially happens in the kitchen for any ignorance. Hence, reduce any accident by obeying the safety rules when you cook with a hot plate.