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  Giving Flowers Is More Than Just a Gesture

Buying a Bouquet Can Be Meaningful

One of the first things people think about giving to someone is flowers. Each flower in a bouquet can hold different meanings. The number of flowers you choose to include in a bouquet can also convey a message.

Most of the time, people give flowers to their loved ones. Some send flowers to the person they love or admire. People also give flowers as a gesture of appreciation. You will often see people in every type of ceremony lugging bouquets around to congratulate someone. Wishing someone to get well soon is also a reason people send flowers.

The word bouquet came from an Old French term that means ‘clump of trees’. It thankfully evolved to mean ‘a small bunch of flowers’ since a bride cannot lug a clump of trees down the aisle. The word is also used to describe the scent of the flowers or a blend of scents produced by anything aromatic, like perfume and wine.

Flowers and Their Meanings

Wishing a loved one or someone a person has a rapport with to get well soon is one of the most common reasons people send flowers. When there is a last-minute birthday celebration, most will buy a bouquet from the nearest Singapore florist. Most of the time, people enter a florist’s shop just selecting the first flowers they see and think is the most pleasing to the eye. However, you can convey your message even better if you know the meaning of each flower.

Here are some flowers commonly used in bouquets and their beautiful meanings.

Alstroemeria – These summer blooms convey the message of friendship. It is often used to symbolise wealth, prosperity and fortune.

Carnation – It brings a ruffled flair by symbolising pride and beauty. This flower can mean a few different things depending on its colour. They are:

  • Red – symbolises love, pride, and admiration.
  • Pink – conveys the love of a woman or a mother.
  • Purple – conveys capriciousness.
  • White – stands for innocence and pure love.

Daisy – The happiest of flowers symbolise innocence and purity, fitting for a birthday bouquet. Daisies convey loyal love. Choosing a Gerbera Daisy specifically sends a message of cheerfulness.

Iris – The image of a fleur-de-lys is used to portray eloquence. Using different colours can also convey various messages. They are:

  • Purple – it symbolises wisdom and compliments.
  • Blue – it communicates faith and hope.
  • Yellow – shows passion.
  • White – it gives a message of purity.

Lily –  Lilies convey a message of purity and refined beauty. Like most flowers, their various colours can also give other meanings.

  • White – it symbolises modesty and purity. White lilies are also used in condolence wreaths to convey the purity of thoughts and love.
  • Orange – it conveys passion.
  • Yellow – gives off the meaning of glee and cheerfulness.

Orchid – Orchids often convey a message of exotic beauty. It also symbolises refinement, thoughtfulness and mature charm. An orchid symbolises proud and glorious femininity for a woman.

Tulip – The cup-shaped blossoms declare a person’s love. Tulips also convey fame and perfect love. Like most flowers that come in a variety of colours, each has its meaning.

  • White – conveys forgiveness, respect, purity and honour.
  • Yellow – has a meaning of cheerfulness and hope.
  • Red – gives the message of eternal love and passion.
  • Pink – can mean affection, caring, good wishes and love.
  • Purple – adopted the symbol of royalty and elegance because purple dye was a luxury in the olden days.

Asters – These daisy-like flowers convey cheerful wishes of patience and elegance.

Sunflowers – This flower symbolises happiness and joy. These yellow flowers symbolise optimism and long life.

Chrysanthemums – These cheerful blooms symbolise fidelity, optimism, joy and long life.

Roses – The most widely known of flowers. It also represents different meanings and messages depending on its colour. They can mean:

  • Red – is an unmistakable expression of love, longing and desire. It also represents respect, admiration or devotion.
  • White – conveys a message of purity, chastity and innocence. These are the main reasons why they are part of wedding arrangements. They are also used for condolence wreaths to convey sympathy.
  • Yellow – these blooms express exuberance. It evokes sunny feelings of joy, warmth and welcome. They are most often used to convey a message of friendship and caring.
  • Pink – the many shades of pink convey gentle emotions like admiration, joy and gratitude. It also connotes elegance and grace. The lighter shades are indicative of sweetness and innocence. Deeper shade blooms can mean deep gratitude and appreciation.
  • Orange – these fiery blooms signify passion and energy. It can express intense desire, pride, fervour and a sense of fascination.
  • Lavender – this gentle colour conveys enchantment and expresses fascination and adoration. The darker shades communicate a sense of regal majesty and splendour.

Baby’s Breath – the tiny white flowers symbolise long-lasting love, purity of emotion, self-discipline and fidelity.

Lotuses – this flower has several spiritual and religious meanings. Some of its meanings are purity, tranquillity, new beginnings, rebirth, resurrection and wisdom.


9 Common Occasions to Give Flowers

Most immediately head online to book flowers from a florist in their Singapore area that offers delivery because they forgot an important occasion. However, that should not be the only time you should think about giving flowers. Here are some affairs where giving a bouquet is appropriate.

1. Birthdays

Birthday celebrations are always a joy. You can give someone a cutesy pink lily basket to a bouquet of beautiful roses.

2. Anniversary

Share that sparkle of love and romance once again through a gorgeous floral arrangement. Give your significant other a luscious anniversary bouquet filled with passionate red roses or tulips.

3. House Warming

Moving to a new house can be a significant milestone in someone’s life. Celebrate it by gifting them a bouquet filled with flowers that convey a joyous mood and happy colours.

4. Baby Showers

Celebrate the great joy and anticipation of bringing new life into the world with a bouquet of meaningful flowers. You can gift someone a beautiful arrangement of cheerful yellow carnations to white lotuses.

5. Get Well Soon

Wish an ailing friend or loved one with a beautiful arrangement of pink carnation or orchids to yellow roses and daisies. Fill them with joy and happiness on their road to recovery.

6. Convocation Ceremonies

These are occasions of austerity and joy. Mirror these virtues by presenting a bouquet of blue orchids. You can also opt for a floral wreath of purple orchids or blue irises.

7. Love Proposals

Proposals are one of the most common reasons why people purchase bouquets. Whether it is just a declaration of love to start a relationship or signal a new beginning through marriage, flowers are perfect tools to convey the message of love.

8. Business Gifting

Flowers and plants are some of the gifts sent to businesses and companies. Whether it is to congratulate a business for closing a deal or congratulating a new venture, floral arrangements always offer the subliminal sophistication of business.

9. Condolences

Send your sympathies to the bereaved with a beautiful arrangement of white carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums and roses. Have a condolence wreath arranged by your local Singapore florist. There is no better way to show that your thoughts are with them but with a thoughtful floral arrangement.

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