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Five Things you need to Know about Your Garage Door

Garage doors are not something we think about often.  As long as the garage door works, we really don’t give it much thought. It is fairly routine to open the garage door, drive out and make sure it is closed before we drive away.  Other than that the door is opening, is there really anything to be aware of?

This article goes over five important things you should be aware of as the owner of a garage door.

Garage Door Safety

Garage doors are not toys and can cause injuries.  The Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association International (or “DASMA”) has published Safety Guidelines of which every garage door owner should be aware.

Most importantly, if you have children, make sure they understand that the garage door is not a toy.  Going over the safety guidelines with them can help to prevent an accident.

Garage Door Maintenance

Proper garage door maintenance can save you money over the long term.  Garage door maintenance can also prevent injuries and lengthen the lifetime of your door.

What things should you pay attention to when performing garage door maintenance?

  • Visually check the door and installation;
  • Test the door for proper operation; and
  • Test the opener safety features.

For a full list of what to be aware of when maintaining your garage door, you may want to consult your owner’s manual or a Service Guide.

Many of us don’t feel comfortable performing our own garage door maintenance and that is okay.  In the same way, we have an oil change or preventative maintenance is done on our vehicles, having a garage door repair or garage door maintenance company come once a year to maintain the garage door is an excellent idea.

When to call a Professional Garage Door Repair or Maintenance Company

Many garage doors are operated with springs.  As these springs are under high tension, they should only be adjusted by qualified professionals.  It is important not to try to repair these yourself, but to call a trained professional.

How do you know when to call a pro? It is time to get a professional involved when there are any of the following:

  • signs of damage to the door or operating mechanism;
  • signs of improper operation; or
  • if the garage door is not opening or closing as it should.

Garage Door Repair Scams

Yes, Garage Door Repair Scams are a real concern.  We don’t think about garage doors often and the same is true of Garage Door repair companies. Because we do not need to use this type of repair service often, the relationship that we have with our garage door repairman may not be a longstanding one.  Because of this, many scam artists target those with broken garage doors.

When looking for a garage repair company you will probably get online and just go looking for the best deal.  You may find a deal that is too good to be true.  Don’t be fooled, just like your mother told you, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.   Be careful to use a reputable company for any repair you may need.

Garage Door Security

For many of us, the garage door provides the main access to our home.  At the very least, the garage door is an entry point to our household.  Having a properly functioning garage door is important to the home’s overall security, but there are other things you can do to keep thieves out of your garage.

These preventative security measures include:

  • having good light sources around your garage;
  • keeping the garage door closed;
  • updating to a smart door remote;
  • having an automatic garage door deadlock installed; and
  • securing your home entry door.