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Everything you need to know about Harley Rake for skid steer

The Harley rake skid steer attachment, for a good reason, is the most selling and demanding product for all the skid steer attachments. The Harley rake makes us feel excited about all our machines and tools. It’s versatile, multi-use, and extremely tough and offers versatile performances on many occasions to prepare an exceptional final product. 

Harley rake for skid steer attachment gets much love from our customers, because it’s an all-in-one soil conditioning machine which can handle prepare the soil, remove rocks and debris, grade and blend, resurface and prepare the ground for seeding. 

Details of Harley Rake attachments 

  • Side view and Front view 

Harley rake attachment’s stable and reliable features make a product a stronger chain drive. A low-profile chain allows all the top teeth on the bar to roll on a severe side when churning up stubborn soil. The chain drive is closed with a center chain attached – a proven design that extends chain life by putting an end to a chain slap and compensating for any chain stretch. 

The chain drive of the attachment can also catch any drum roller impact, protecting the motor during heavy application. The box sided with dual packaging allows the plates to windrow and direct materials forward or reverse by combining Harley rake with our versatile skid steer loader. 

The box ends to be flared out, which provides a protective buffer in completing a precise work environment of sidewalks. The package ends with strict maintenance and rakes debris such as rocks, roots, branches, and many more. 

  • Teeth and side plate branding 

The pattern of Harley rake is called a tooth pattern, which is fully patented and of one kind. Harley rake attachment is only with this design in the market and is creating a perfect seedbed that promotes completing germination and conditions for growth. 

After using the Harley rake attachment, your seeding ability will be maximized to another level, allowing fewer passes to achieve the ultimate outcomes, saving time and increasing productivity. 

The teeth patterns are purely curable for long-lasting operating life with a particular blunt shape and design to promote the defining seedbed base after a few collections with the Harley Rake, the seedbed with a feature of fracture pattern with optimal moisture retention and release in your area. 

  • Wheel and connection detail

The feature independently adjusts the gauge wheels, which provides powerful open features to complete a wide range of jobs. The performance of these anti-aging wheels is the main reason to handle Harley Rake’s different types of soil preparation and landscaping operations. 

These wheels come across while making a skim pass possible for every overseeding to adjust the drainage grades. It offers the attachment for folding away from the wheels for easy storage and transportation. 

  • Motor and hose detail 

The attachment comes in various options, angles, and widths, which allows an operator in machine sizes and demands for a challenging- working extension that is an excellent choice for them 

  • Fixed angle 
  • Manual angle 
  • Hydraulic angle 

Final words – Harley Rake for skid steer

The Harley rake for skid steer is effectively used in wet or dry conditions, meaning the work doesn’t have to stop due to rain. It also excels in soil preparation by removing old grass, weeds, and pebbles. 

Being the most versatile product of skid steer attachment and, of course, the most demanding one. If you have any queries or doubts about it, feel free to contact us.