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Different types of cancer treatments

A book named ‘Mumbai Cancer Statistics: Socio-demographic, Epidemiological, Clinical and Prognostic Studies of Mumbai Cancer Patients documents the cancer statistics of Mumbai, its demographic make-up, epidemiological patterns, clinical characteristics, and prognosis for over 200 different types of cancer.

It brings forth the background profile of cancer patients in every region of Mumbai, including Navi Mumbai. It highlights that most patients are in the advanced stages of cancer and the kind of resources and infrastructure needed.

In Mumbai, cancer is the second leading cause of death. However, the best cancer hospitals in Navi Mumbai help recover most patients.They are equipped with all kinds of treatments to save the cancer patients. It fills a big gap in the health infrastructure as in India, cancer accounts for the death of about 2 million people annually. More awareness of the available treatments is the need of the hour.

Types of cancer treatment

Biomarker testing

In the past, researchers were limited because they could not detect biomarkers of treatment response within the blood. Biomarker testing in cancer treatment is now a new and emerging technology. Biomarkers are molecules that help diagnose and predict the risk of developing a disease. It is a way to identify biomarkers that can measure responses to cancer treatments.

Biomarker testing can detect changes in blood and can be used to monitor the efficacy of cancer treatments.


Chemotherapy, the treatment of cancer using chemicals, has been used for over a century. In the twentieth century, the development of new cancer drugs has allowed for the treatment of previously untreatable cancers. It interferes with cellular processes inside the cancer cell and works by damaging the DNA of cancer cells, which causes them to die. It is the case for most types of cancer, including those of the blood, bone marrow, brain, nose, and skin.

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy is a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approach that uses natural compounds to treat various conditions and diseases. The name comes from the concept of “harming” the body’s “endo-metabolism” to support health and treat disease.

It refers to the body’s natural processes of regulating physiological processes, such as hormone secretion, cell division, and inflammation. In cancer treatment, hormone therapy supports the body’s natural defenses against cancer.


Hyperthermia, also called heat treatment, is a standard cancer treatment in which the body is exposed to heat or heat-like radiation to kill cancer cells. Today, hyperthermia is most commonly used to treat cancerous tumors that have spread to other parts of the body in the form of distant metastases. When used to treat local tumors, hyperthermia is called local hyperthermia.

Photodynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a new kind of cancer treatment that uses a special camera to destroy cancerous cells without harming surrounding healthy cells. During PDT, a special camera takes a series of photographs of a cancerous lesion. The camera is then moved over the lesion in precise stages, and the camera is used to take additional pictures every few seconds. The cumulative effect of many photographs is like a “dose of radiation” to the targeted cancer cells.

Patients need to remember that it’s harder to feel better when depressed, so seek help if you need it! There are the best cancer hospitals in Navi Mumbai with high success rates. Seek professional help and follow the instructions properly. It’s also essential to learn how to manage stress and work through any trauma or loss. Don’t ignore your mental health. If you don’t address your mental health, it can affect your ability to care for yourself and others.