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Differences In Content Versus Value To Attract Targeted Audience

If you have had your website for a while and you are not getting any results, it is because the texts you have published are not appropriate for your business. It could also be that you are not using the right search engine optimization methods for attracting the right targeted audience.

Attracting the Right People

And yes, SEO Miami tools and services will surely help to attract many more people and even some users will leave you a comment saying that you have a very good post written, but then they may go to another webpage to spend their money. Therefore, your post shouldn’t be generic or just good. It should be great enough to keep the potential customer engaged and interested.

Adding Value

Once you provide good content, they will see you as an expert and not leave to go buy elsewhere. If that is the case, then this would by far be the worst business platform you could have. This is the truth. This is one of the most frequent mistakes that many companies and entrepreneurs make and that is why their content strategy does not work.

Content Versus Value

Why would potential clients read a piece of content and yet go elsewhere? Basically, it is because adding value is not the same as creating valuable content. What difference does it make and what is adding value? In online marketing terms, it refers to showing others the knowledge you have and that your mission is to help others with everything you know. What is valuable content? The valuable content is nothing more than to show the user that they have a problem and that, thanks to your knowledge, they have realized that they must make a decision to change the situation. Consequently, the potential customer is aware that you are part of his solution and that is why he needs you, but if there is no value for him to choose you as the solution, then your content would not have done what you intended it to do.


As you can see, both aspects are very similar, but do you notice the difference? This small detail, although it seems incredible, makes the difference. If you need help in making the distinction, it is best to hire a good search engine optimization company like Zgraph content to get the job done for you.