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Compact Cleaning Kit for your Pricey Sneakers

Footlocker KSA! Get Sneakers Cleaning Kit to Get Rid of Dirt and Stains

Do you clean your sneakers with household chemicals, detergent and toothbrush? Stop following the traditional methods as finely crafted cleaning kit is available to do this hectic job in minutes. You have invested a great amount on sneakers, so it is your responsibility to take great care of these shoes. Refer the Foot Locker code while selecting a cleaning kit as it will help in obtaining the ultimate shoe-care product on sale.

Cleaning Spray

It does not matter whether you have chosen the Foot Locker, Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan or Kawhi shoes, you must have an advanced cleaning kit to maintain the sophisticated white or colored shoes. Innovative cleaning spray is used to remove the stains and grime without damaging the surface. The cleaning just requires a few minutes, but it elevates the life span of your favorite shoes. The cleaning spray is manufactured to perform three tasks:

  1. Protecting the surface from dirt
  2. Cleaning the dirty surface
  3. Make the stinky surfaces fresh and shiny

Spray to get Protection against Stains and Liquid

The owners of high-priced sneakers are always in the fear of having a scuff on their shoes. There is a water based repel spray that acts as safeguard against stains and liquids. The spray is meant to fight against moisture and repel the stains as much as possible. If you have planned to give your favorite shoes to your kids, make it your routine to clean the shoes after every visit. It will not only keep the shoes clean but improve lifetime as well. It is a standard solution for scrubbing the dirt off the sneakers. The Footlocker code is presented so you can buy the cleaning kit on regular basis at reasonable price.

De-Stink Spray

Even if you wear the sneakers after taking a bath, still your feet will sweat and cause stinking smell. If you are cautious of smell in your feet, replace the stinking smell with fresh jasmine, eucalyptus, orange or rose musk. It will never make you embarrass if you need to take off the shoes in front of others.

Cleaning Brush

Specially designed brush is available to clean the dirt and revitalize the shoes. The durable brush gives up to 100 washes. The hard bristles are ideal for handling unclean midsoles. The compact kit can be placed in your car just to keep the shoes neat and clean.

Protect Wipes

You are wearing the newly purchased sneakers and coffee or tea has dropped on the shoes. Do not get worried as there are protect wipes to clean the classy shoes right away without leaving any stain. After cleaning, use microfiber soft towel to wipe the shoes and dry the surface. The microfiber cleaning towel is softer than a standard towel, thus it cannot damage the shiny surface.

It is up to you to purchase the cleaning kit or the required item separately; however a shoe cleaning kit facilitates to keep the required tools at one place. Get the Footlocker code to save some money for next time shopping.