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Cleaning Questions: How Do I Get Rid of Large Junk?

Did you know that Atlanta, Georgia has the world’s largest junkyard comprised of cars?

While a junkyard is one place you can put your unwanted items, there are plenty of other options available to you. In some cases, you can even earn a bit of extra money.

Are you wondering what you can do? Keep reading to learn all about how to get rid of large junk.

  1. Call a Junk Removal Service

Getting rid of bulky stuff can be as easy as Goggling “junk removal near me”. Once you find a reliable junk removal service, give them a call and let them know what you have for them.

They should be able to schedule a pickup time and grab your junk for you at no cost whatsoever. Junk removal is one of the easiest and quickest ways to lighten your load.

  1. Post It Online

If you’ve searched “junk haulers near me” and have come up empty, don’t worry. Depending on the large junk you have, you could even sell it online, such as a couch, a dryer, or even a refrigerator.

Places like eBay, Craigslist, and Instagram Marketplace make it easy to find customers who would be interested in what you want to get rid of. Just be sure to post lots of pictures and give an accurate description of it. You can even post things online for free and ask people to pick them up.

If you’re wary about strangers coming to your home, then you can rely on the professionals for free junk removal.

  1. Donate It

From Goodwill to the Salvation Army, there are plenty of places that would love to have what you don’t want anymore. While it’s possible to drop off stuff on location, that could be difficult when dealing with larger items.

In that case, you should call the thrift store and ask about a junk pick-up option. Not every place will be able to accommodate you, but it’s worth the try.

  1. Offer It to Friends and Family Members

Another way you can avoid junk hauling is by offering your items to friends and family members. You can tell them that it’s free if they can pick it up from your place. That way, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Not only will they appreciate your offer, but they could use your old couch to furnish their living room, for instance. After all, one person’s junk can often be another person’s treasure.

Are You Ready for Junk Removal?

Now that you’ve learned all about how to get rid of large junk, you can start feeling a lot less claustrophobic in your own home. With more free space, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do fun activities, such as yoga or board games.

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