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  Carpet Care 101: Ways To Maintain The Condition Of Your Home Carpet

There is just something with carpet that can add beauty and style to a particular area. Carpet is a neutral foundation that can emphasise the look and vibe of a room. It comes with thousands of designs, colours, patterns, textures, and materials. One of the most typical types of carpet is carpet tiles. Carpet tiles in Singapore are frequently used for commercial purposes, such as airports, offices, hallways, and others. For residential, the residents typically use nylon or wool.


Cleaning a home or office carpetis relatively essential. A well-maintained and cleaned carpet can benefit your health and the air you breathe in. Carpets are the primary home of producing a wide range of dirt, such as allergens, pests, insects, dust particles, or bacteria in your home. If left uncleaned, these specks of dirt may cause health hazards.

To help you keep the good condition of your carpet, whether for indoor or outdoor purposes, here are a few maintenance and cleaning tips.







Wool is one of the most typical materials used by carpet manufacturing industries. It is also the best fibre for carpets. Most companies also use wool as their office carpet as it can give off a luxurious and comfortable feel. Wool materials are silky and warm, which is why it is perfect for home settings. It is also naturally fire-resistant, but wool carpet has low levels of susceptibility to soil and other dirt particles.

To clean your wool home or office carpet:

  1. Vacuum regularly. The most important maintenance step for cleaning wools is proper vacuuming. You may do it at least once a week or more frequently if anyone often steps on it.
  2. Remove spills and stains immediately. One of the utmost and crucial maintenance steps is acting swiftly once something drops or spills on your home or office wool carpet. You may use a clean absorbent cloth for blot spills, ice cubes in a big bag for scraping off gums, acetones for nail polish removal, alcohol, or rust remover.
  3. Get professional cleaning services. Every once in a while, contact carpet cleaning companies. Generally, professional cleaning services for a wool home or office carpet are advised once or twice every year.



Nylon materials can also function for home or office carpet purposes. This type of material is hard-wearing and durable enough to last a decade with proper maintenance. Nylon carpets have high resistance levels to abrasion, shedding, piling, and even dirt. It is easy to clean as well. Here are three care and cleaning tips for nylon carpet fibres.

  1. Vacuum in multiple directions. A nylon home or office carpet requires mild and regular vacuuming like wool carpets. When you vacuum its fibres, move the head of the vacuum in various directions. It assures that you get rid of all specks of dust and dirt contaminants.

You may also use steam cleaners and detergents available in your household to clean your carpet regularly. These products can be utilised for deep cleaning your nylon carpets. Use hot water for steam cleaning your carpet, and then follow it immediately with vacuuming.

  1. Use cleaning products with low pH levels. When cleaning your home or office nylon carpet,one thing to remember is to use mild products. Avoid using cleaning products with a pH level higher than ten or those with a high alkaline level. The stain and abrasion-resistant of nylon carpets may lose because of it.
  2. Use home remedies in cleaning stains. Nylons are generally stain-resistant. However, as time passes by, its resistance may lose. For cleaning stains or spills on your home or office nylon carpet, you may mix white vinegar and water, dish detergent and water, or soda and lemon juice to remove unnecessary stains.




Grass Carpet in Singapore is pretty usual for backyards or outdoor purposes. It is usually on the lawn to provide comfort for children and pets playing. However, artificial turf or grass needs more care and maintenance compared to natural grass. Pet mess, foods, spills or stains may destroy the look and life of your artificial grass carpet. Here is a list of care tips to preserve its condition.

  1. Rinse and brush regularly. A well-installed grass carpet in Singapore can last up to 15-20 years as long as it is properly maintained. Regularly rinse and use a synthetic or a brush with plastic bristles for the fibres of your artificial turf. Use your garden hose, rinse off, and remove the dust and pollens on top of it. As much as possible, do cross brush against the grains and fibres. Having a leaf blower is a good investment! It can help clean and gather all fallen leaves, debris, and other dust.
  2. Remove stains and spill. To clean stains and spills on your grass carpet in Singapore, you may basically mix water and a mild detergent. If the taints are hard to remove, you may mix water with a 3% solution of ammonia. However, if the worst cases occur, you may call in professional carpet cleaning services to help remove the unwanted and stubborn stains.
  3. Never leave pet wastes. To efficiently remove your pet’s faecal matter, allow it to solidify first, and then remove it. You may pick it up or use a brush and dustpan. After removing it, rinse it with cool water, use the cross brushing technique on the fibres, and clean it with detergent to lessen the unwanted odour. For their urine, you can also do the same.


Having a carpet is an excellent décor accent and choice to spice up your interiors or backyard. However, whether you are using a home or office carpet, proper care and routine maintenance are highly necessary to prolong its life and better your health condition. Clean carpets can lessen the risks of health problems, improve the airflow inside your home, and improve the look and feel of your house.

Installing carpet tiles or rugs in Singapore is a major investment for your home. As what people always do on investments, they protect and take care of it. Practice daily maintenance like dustings and soft sweeping on it, and get regular professional cleaning services to keep it fresh, clean, and well-maintained.

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