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Can You Monitor Someone’s Android Phone Without Touching It?

Have you ever heard of monitoring an Android phone? Do you think is it possible to spy on someone’s Android phone without having to touch it? If you want to learn more about monitoring Android devices and the right way to do so, keep on reading this post. 

There may be several instances when you feel the need to spy on someone’s Android device. It could be your kid, your employee, or even your partner whose Android activity you’d be inclined to monitor. For this purpose, a myriad of Android monitoring solutions is available in the market, some of them offering a free spy app for Android undetectable which is nothing but an ineffective spy app, offering a trial version for a few days only. 

While some Android spy apps claim to spy on an Android phone without the target person knowing whereas others take in pride to monitor Android devices without having to touch them. But do you think that’s possible? Could we monitor an Android phone without touching it? Let’s see if it’s possible. 

Monitoring in the Digital Age 

In today’s day and age, cheap Verizon phone for sale without contract play a significant role in every person’s life. They carry out all the important tasks on their cell phones. From reading a news headline to shopping for their favourite brand to interacting with people all across the globe to watching movies to performing online banking, everything can be done with a single tap on a cell phone.

Humans are inseparable from their digital devices and there’s only so much they can do using them. However, excess of everything is bad. Adults may go on and use their cell phones as much as they want but they wouldn’t want their kids to do the same. 

While adults can keep themselves guarded against all sorts of online risks and challenges, children do not have the potential to fight them on their own. Every time they browse the internet, they are surrounded by various online dangers they are not aware of. 

Therefore, parents need to use monitoring apps and parental controls to find out what their kids have been doing on the internet and whether or not they are not engaging in the wrong activity. 

Monitoring solutions also come in handy when employers want to spy on their employees’ company-owned devices during office hours. Employers want to ensure their employees are not wasting time engaging in leisure activities and only focusing on the given official tasks. They also use monitoring apps to track their whereabouts while on a business trip. 

Not only parents and employers, but monitoring has become crucial for those who doubt their partner and think they are cheating them behind their back. To test their partner’s loyalty, they install monitoring apps on their devices and see who they have been talking with behind their back. 

This is why monitoring solutions are considered important tools as they help track someone’s Android activity. All the vital information stored in the target Android phone such as messages, calls, photos, videos, social media accounts, web browsing history, etc. can be monitored using monitoring apps. 

Monitoring Android Phone Without Touching It 

Coming back to the main purpose of this post, we would like to clarify that it is not possible to monitor an Android phone without touching it. Android monitoring just does not work this way. 

To monitor Android devices, physical access to the devices is compulsory. Without physical access to the target Android phone, you cannot view its activity. All those monitoring apps that claim to spy on an Android device without having to touch it are sham. 

The truth is if your target device is an Android phone then you need to physically install the monitoring app on it. That means you need to get your hands on the Android phone and then install the app on it. If you’re worried the target person will find out the app, don’t worry. We have got you a solution. 

As soon as you have installed the app on the target phone, you can hide the app’s icon by heading into the Settings of the device and tweaking them a bit as per your needs. By doing so, the target person won’t be able to find out about a monitoring app running on their device. 

Uninterrupted, the monitoring app secretly runs in the background of the target device and records all the activity taking place on it. Once recorded, the data is transported to the online user account from where you can remotely view the target device activity from anywhere and at any time. 

You can install the monitoring app on the target Android device and for that, you need physical access to it. However, the rest of the monitoring process can be done remotely after the app has been successfully installed on the target device. 

By using a reliable and professional Android monitoring solution, you can secretly and remotely access the activities taking place on the target Android device. 

There is no harm in trying out the best free hidden spy apps for Android but make sure you do not only rely on the free apps. Free apps can be used to try and test an Android monitoring app but cannot be used for advanced monitoring. 

The thing is free spy apps for Android lack important monitoring features and fail to provide the required results to the user. To benefit from all the advanced monitoring features offered by a monitoring app, you need to choose a premium plan that best suits your needs.  

So, if you want to monitor someone’s Android phone without them knowing and at the same time want to use all the monitoring features, we would suggest you opt for a paid version of an Android spy app that works in the stealth mode and offers all the important surveillance features.