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  Building & Growing Your Own Vegetable Garden!

Not a lot of people would attempt planting gardens, especially if you are living downtown or in the middle of a bustling city like Singapore. It seems so unlikely and impractical for some to assume that a garden would survive in the middle of city life with all the pollution going on, constrained spaces and the busy schedule ahead.

What is once thought inconceivable is now doable, thanks to the availability of an indoor gardening kit in Singapore that you can purchase. The fact is, you can grow them inside your home or workplace. It is only crucial that you only need to get the basics of planting right. In fact, a number of people are recognising the benefit of growing a garden at their convenience, especially vegetable gardens!

Building Your Own Vegetable Garden

While your garden doesn’t have to be built and designed in the most sophisticated manner (like building an arch), it should always look good and a bit functional, no matter how large or small the allotted space is. You can consider buying the ideal soil and potting mix in Singapore for the garden setting and perhaps all the necessities if you do not have them at your home. Adding something decorative and having a smart design (such as using vertical space and improving soil quality) will help your garden to yield more crops.

After all, it is more than just cultivating a spot of the land. Gardening also goes beyond involving an artistic level of design and infusing practicality to have a natural, usable environment indoors or outdoors.

Function Over Design Form


When it comes to building and starting your garden, one thing to keep in mind is the ability of your build to sustain the plants – whether it is to have enough support and strength to hold up the weight of the fruits and vines to climb. If you plan to invest in an indoor gardening kit in Singapore, you will need to consider weighing function and form for your garden build.

Function promotes having a building that promotes or inclines towards achieving a purpose and meeting your needs (in gardening, it is to yield quality crops). While on the other hand, forms are inclined towards what is aesthetically pleasing. In other words, form serves for fancy decorative purposes.

Example of Function Over Form in Gardening

Vegetables like eggplants, cucumber and peas will require a lot of garden support, which is something you should keep in mind should you invest in planting them. Carrying these vegetables above the ground will protect them from insects and help yield better crops in return by making fruits less likely to rot away. It is a clear example of a functional building. So, before you purchase indoor gardening or grow your plant kit in Singapore, consider having a functional building design for your crops.

Choosing the Best Plant


It is easy to be the victim of impulse buying, and such things can be applied to gardening, specifically when buying the best plant. It’s crucial to inspect the spot where you will build your own small indoor or outdoor garden. Here are a few things to consider if you are planning to buy the right plant for your garden:

  • See the level of sunlight and shade it gets through the rest of the day
  • Consider if the plant you’re buying will be enough for the allocated space
  • Check the soil type and quality
  • Read the plant label
  • Consider local plants since they have a higher chance of survival

Once you’ve ticked all these factors then, you’re ready to buy an outdoor or indoor gardening kit in Singapore for your little dream garden. Buying a plant isn’t a straightforward job, but it’s rewarding once you’ve found the perfect plant type for your garden!

Advantage of Building & Planting A Vegetable Garden


Indoor gardening kits and potting mix in Singapore are much more affording. If you still feel undecided whether you should pursue having your little own vegetable garden or what to make out of a vacant spot in your area, here are some advantages of planting a vegetable garden!

Guarantees no harmful chemicals

It’s likely that the fresh fruits that you are buying at your local supermarket, even online, aren’t safe from the touch of pesticides. Some vendors would claim that the vegetables and fruits they are selling are all free from chemicals. Yet, the question remains; what if the soil where these vegetables were planted are exposed to a pesticide? Or whether they were planted next to a spot were sprayed with pesticide? If you are concerned about dietary exposure to pesticides or other chemicals, then planting your vegetable garden is a better alternative solution!

Just by buying a “grow your own plant kit in Singapore”, you’ll have fresh, organic, home-grown vegetables without even having to worry if you or your child is consuming chemical exposed vegetables and fruits!

Saves money on groceries

Growing a vegetable garden in your home is one of the most enjoyable money-saving alternatives that you can do on your own. If you are anxious about your growing monthly grocery bills, a simple indoor gardening kit in Singapore will cut down the bills, plus you wouldn’t have to worry about rushing to the grocery because you missed a single vegetable ingredient for your dish!

Natural stress reliever

Digging and planting can help you lose about 300-400 calories per hour and help you improve your mood, thanks to being exposed to sunshine and fresh air! In fact, just by buying an indoor gardening kit in Singapore, you’re on your way to growing a vegetable garden at your own convenience.

Growing a little vegetable garden is more than a practical solution for groceries or easy access to vegetables as it’s also beneficial to your health and mental well-being!

Final Thought

Having a vegetable garden at home can be quite difficult and overwhelming for some, but it is a rewarding experience, and you’ll be surprised by how much fruits and crops can grow into a single spot inside your home!

If you’re missing out or looking for neem oil for plants in Singapore or a potting mix for your gardening, visit Farmcity Global for indoor gardening kits!