Bookmaker Bonus Codes – Types Of Bonus Codes

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The online betting houses are doing everything possible to give their clients the best, and in that effort, they have created a number of promotions to attract and retain them once they register on the site.

One of those promotions is one of the codes of bets bonuses, and the best pages to bet offer them for the pleasure of the enthusiasts of this lucrative pastime.

Types of Betting Bonus Codes

There are several types of bonus codes for bets that are available to sports betting enthusiasts.

The first ones that come to mind are:

  • Bonus codes for new users
  • Then there are the bonus codes without prior deposit
  • Bonus codes focused on a particular sport
  • It is also quite common for old or recurring users to receive bonus codes to their email so they can enjoy the new promotions

These lists dedicated to finding the most recent and best bonus codes for betting are very useful, given that it motivates punters to be in constant search of the best offers to get the most out of their money.

Having said all this, let’s see then what are the most popular types of betting bonus codes in the market:


The most common welcome bonus or free bets format in bookmakers is a deposit bonus, and in many cases, the way to become a creditor to this prize is through code.

The first step that debutant users have to take is to create an account within the site; once this is done, the bonus code for betting is entered to activate the incentive.

The money appears in the user’s account shortly after the initial deposit is made.

Typically, the bonus is a percentage of the initial amount deposited, and it is normal for this bonus to be 100%, which means that the amount contributed by the bettor is doubled.

Bonus Codes To Bet On Specific Sport

Many betting sites offer bonus codes to bet on a particular type of sport, either because they have a commercial alliance with a league or because there is an event of enormous magnitude and significance.

The most popular bonus codes for betting are those dedicated to football betting, whether it is an event like the World Cup, the Champions League, or a local league.

The incentive to bet on this type of competition is very large since the bonuses offered through the codes are very lucrative.