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Better Solutions for the Pregnancy Issues Now

As for clothing, it should be made of natural tissues and wide in the genital area, the testicles are located outside the body precisely because an elevated temperature decreases the production of sperm.

For this same reason, it is also not good to sit in the car for a long time, take saunas and shower or bathe with water over 35. Regarding the click here you need to read the followings.

How To Quit A Bad Habit

 Studies say alcohol affects a couple’s fertility. Consuming six to ten wines or beers weekly reduces male fertility by 34%. Also, alcohol hinders desire, arousal, erection, and ejaculation.

 Tobacco can reduce the quantity and mobility of sperm. It can also lead to impotence, just like diabetes. In addition, tar and nicotine, together with the inhaled carbon monoxide, decrease the body’s oxygenation capacity, causing a general decline in health. Tobacco reduces the chances of pregnancy between 50% and 75%. The good news is that its effects are reversible if abandoned.

 They can help to quit alcohol or tobacco: repeat the phrase “I enjoy being tobacco-free”, drink plenty of water throughout the day so as not to be thirsty at any time (drinker and smoker confuse thirst with desire to drink or smoking), exercising, practicing yoga, or learning to relax.

Higher Quality Semen

Vitamins C and E

 Vitamin C increases the motility of sperm because it helps the intense cell multiplication required to make them and removes free radicals from the epithelium of the seminiferous tubes. It is found in citrus, mango, strawberries, tomatoes … Vitamin E (olives, sunflower oil, sesame, wheat germ …) is also essential.

Folic acid (vitamin B9)

 Necessary for the correct reproduction of cells, it is mainly found in green leaves, legumes and nuts.

Docosahexaenoic acid

 DHA is an essential fatty acid from the omega-3 series. Helps correct testicular failure and increase sperm production.


 Its lack reduces the motility of sperm . They are rich in this mineral: beans and nuts … Selenium and magnesium also play a role.

Less Chemistry

Fertility can be affected by the presence of toxins in our lives. For example:

Plastics in food

Many food packaging is coated with terephthalate (PET), which interferes with the production of male hormones. Plastic hot food containers and plastic wrap should be avoided.


Pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides contain xenoestrogens (estrogen mimics). Studies indicate that those who eat organic food have a higher concentration of sperm.


Ethoxylatedalkylphenols are associated with the reduction of the number of sperm (diaphragms, condoms, gels are used as spermicide). The remains that remain in the clothes are absorbed by the skin.


They are found in moisturizers, shaving gels, sexual lubricants and as a filling for cakes, artificial sweeteners. They emulate the action of female hormones.

Air fresheners and perfumes

They are often attached to phthalates similar to those of plastics.

Acting rigorously, the only recommendation that can be made regarding sexual life is that sexual encounters on the days of the menstrual cycle of maximum fertility of women are favored, as much as possible, which are those in which the vaginal fluid it is more abundant and more elastic.

Encourage sexual encounters on the days of the woman’s maximum fertility menstrual cycle

That happens, more or less, in the middle of the period between two rules. Also, in those days the woman’s mood is usually more receptive: she is more cheerful and active, and has a greater sexual desire.