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Better Details for the Perfect Rollover Sports Betting

Rollover is a requirement that everyone who accepts bookmaker bonuses must meet before making a withdrawal. Bonuses are optional but rollover is mandatory, and without fulfilling the requirements imposed on rollover you will not be able to withdraw the bonus money or the proceeds from it, but do not be alarmed. A visit to 먹튀검증업체 makes things perfect.

Rollover Example

An example of how rollover works will help you. Let’s say you will open an account on a gambling site and you will get the bonus. Then comes the following rollover rule:

In order to redeem the bonus amount and any winnings generated by it, the user must wager 3 times the sum of the bonus amount with the sports bet deposit amount with a minimum odds of 1.5.

  • This is a rollover, and in it are the imposed rules.
  • In the “To redeem the bonus amount and any winnings generated by it” section , the terms and conditions are telling you an action you must take to redeem / withdraw your money.
  • In “the user must wager 3 times the sum of the bonus amount with the sports bet deposit amount” means that you must wager three times the sum of the deposit + amount won with the bonus.
  • If you deposited $ 100 and earned another $ 100, you will get $ 200. Therefore, you must bet three times that amount, and $ 200 x 3 = $ 600.

You don’t have to win the $ 600, you just have to bet a total of $ 600, and it can be done with stakes of $ 5 or $ 10, no matter how much, the important thing is to get up to $ 600 added up.

And lastly, the “with a minimum odds of 1.5” part is saying that it will only be worth to rollover your bets that are at the minimum odds of 1.50. Some other rules may apply and you will have a period of days to complete the rollover. But don’t be shy, because hardly anyone can’t do low rollover like 3x, 4x and even 5x.

Here you will create your account details

In User you will say your nickname or nickname on Bet90. Then enter a Password and repeat the same password. It is important that you keep this information so that you can access your account again later.

In Currency you will tell which currency you intend to work with in your account. You have 5 options and three of them matter: EUR (Euro), USD (Dollar) and Real. I suggest you choose Real, important step to get 100% bonus up to $ 400.


In Odds View you choose the model or drawing of the quotes. Brazilians use the Decimal model. Now comes an important part, the Reference Code . Here is a field that will tell you if you intend to receive the bonus or not. If you do not fill in, you will not receive the bonus on your first deposit. If you want the bonus, enter the code COPA400 in this field to receive twice as much as you deposit up to R $ 400. Deposited $ 400, gets $ 800 to bet, simple as that.