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Best Raw Pet Food Brands in 2022

Dog parents are busy moving from kibbles to raw pet diets for a good reason. This new raw diet comes with numerous advantages. Generally, dogs tend to be healthier and more energetic when they are on a raw diet. But how does one settle for a specific brand, especially if they are not interested in DIY raw diets?

Understanding Raw Feeding

Companies such as Houston Raw Pet Food are working hard to ensure dog parents and owners understand that raw diets are the best for their pets. If you want to change your pet’s overall health, consider switching to a raw diet.

A raw diet is a diet that attempts to replicate the diet of wild dogs. The idea is to give your dog a diet more inclined to what they would naturally feed on if they were in the wild. Such diets are more agreeable with their systems and benefit them than any other diets you may consider. 

Switching to Raw Diets

The information on a raw pet diet can be very intimidating for new dog parents or those seeking to make the switch. It can be overwhelming, especially if you do not come across the right guide.

The confusion on whether you are making the right choice to introduce raw food and how to do it is what can be confusing and sometimes even scary. An easy way to do this switch is to find a reliable company to buy from. You may not manage to do a DIY raw diet the first time you get into this. Fortunately, some raw diet companies focus on helping dog parents get into this smoothly. 

They have some of the best raw foods for your pets, depending on their needs, age and weights. This makes it easy to portion and feed the dog when needed. They may also save you a lot of money because you do not have to eat each ingredient separately and don’t have to watch the food. After all, you have no idea how to go about it.

Most dog owners turn to commercial raw foods in the following scenarios:

  1. When they are falling behind with the DIY raw foods
  2. When the brand has a protein type that you cannot source yourself
  3. When leaving your dog with a sitter who may find it difficult to create DIY meals.

With such benefits, you should always watch out for the brands you buy from. There are several in the market, including:

  •  Houston Raw Pet Food 
  • Darwin’s natural pet products
  • Wild Coat raw
  • Raw Paw’s pet food
  • Green tripe
  • Columbia river pets
  • Vibrant K9
  • Raw feeding Miami
  • Small Batch
  • Raw Bistro

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