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Best Non-alcoholic beverages to pair with pizza

Selecting the pizza toppings can be tough, but you know what’s more tough? Creating a complete meal. It is the drink that helps to ease the entire thing. You may have a tough time determining what drink you want or what pie. Well, a glass of beer and wine can be great, but that doesn’t suit the entire thing. 

The alcoholic beverages suit the perfect with pie but it doesn’t suit with pizza. There are different non-alcoholic beverages that can help to keep up. If you want to enjoy the non-alcoholic beverages, make sure to choose something that appears the best. Well, the right refreshment can play an important role in enhancing the taste of pizza. 

Water may be great, but some of the other drinks that you should try with pizza include the following

  • Soda

This is one signature drink and well, this can help to enhance the taste of pizza. Soda and pizza go together like apple and pie. The perfect combination of sweetness and saltiness just adds to the peak of taste. 

Well, it’s not about soda, but what type of soda you choose. When choosing soda, you need to focus on dark colas or lemon-lime ones so that it can help to enhance the nostalgic experience. Orange soda and root beer have often been considered to be one of the best soda choices to pair with pizza. 

  • Sparkling water

If you are not in sugary drinks, then you should choose sparkling waters. It provides the taste of soda without any sweetness. Sparkling water is very much like flat water only there’s less carbonation in sparkling water. If you want your sparkling water to taste a bit, make sure to add a dash of lemon or lime. Well, just one dash and the taste of your drink increases in no time. 

  • Milk

Milk with pizza may sound a little weird but you just cannot miss out on trying it. If you haven’t tried it yet, then maybe it is time that we should. There is a separate fan base for pizza and milk. Pizza with milk helps to enhance the creamy and cool touch. However, make sure that you are taking up a cold glass of milk because the combination is going to take you by surprise. Milk’s fattiness will further help to cut the spiciness of sausage and pepperoni toppings. 

Other beverages that you can try at Double Pizza Montreal with your pizza include Iced Tea and Lemonade. Well, everything is going to enhance the taste.