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Best advice and ideas for fresh businesses

Involve your employees to innovate

If you believe that innovation is the business of one person or one department, you are wrong! To think outside the box, nothing beats several motivated employees working together for a common goal: to improve and revolutionize the way things are done. You must therefore make room for your employees as much in your processes and products/services as in your marketing and your business model. Two heads are always worth more than one… Involve your employees to innovate! To do this, we recommend that you create a digital journal that will collect all the ideas of your team members . Use social platforms such as Slack, Teams or others and post polls, calls to all or engaging conversations. This journal of ideas will make it possible to use the information strategically, to improve the posture of your company, with a view to growth and of course, to place your employees at the heart of innovation. In order to judiciously direct the exchanges with your employees, we suggest that you address the following themes and create different channels:

  • Improvement of products and services
  • Competition analysis
  • Process diagnostics
  • Assessment of new markets
  • Culture of creativity

Who knows, maybe you will find the idea of ​​the century inside your company!

Streaming, new trend in business

Streaming has become a new trend in business. A large amount of people all around the world seem to be really invested in streaming. Many choose a platform called twitch, because it remains to be the biggest platform on the field right now, but one you may face a problem of having low amount of viewers, but on another hand you can be buying twitch viewers to avoid this problem as a whole.

Study the evolution of your business

You don’t have a crystal ball to read into the future and neither do we (unfortunately), for that matter! However, you can do the exercise of studying the evolution of your business over the months in order to project yourself into the future. To implement this advice, we suggest you create a dashboard to analyze and monitor the achievement of your business objectives in real time or almost. This tool will allow you to make decisions based on facts, to evaluate the achievement of your objectives and the progress of your organization, in addition to identifying trends in terms of production and efficiency, among other things. To properly use a gender dashboard, you must first define your objectives, of course . What are you looking to measure? What information do you want the table to convey to you? This may include the overall rate of return of your business, the efficiency of your devices or even the number of new customers acquired over a given period. Don’t forget to convert these goals into key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and progress in a quantifiable and measurable way. Next, identify the metrics to analyze . Think about what you will need to measure to get a tangible result. And finally, establish the data sources , that is, the information that will feed your analysis tool.

Once these 3 steps have been completed and to build your dashboard, you can use the good old Excel table or tools like Power BI , Tableau or Google Data Studio which facilitate the collection and interpretation of data.