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Average Costs of Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services

The restaurant vent hood system is among the most important parts of a professional kitchen. A restaurant hood may rapidly become caked with oil, debris, and other filth that is difficult to remove. This is because it is vital to choose just an experienced hood cleaning business.

However, are all restaurant hood cleaning services created equal? Do they provide the same products (and at the same quality of facility)? What about the cost? Is there a significant difference? What else should you seek for, as well as what also must you stay away from?

What are the key factors for restaurant hood cleaning service cost?

Before choosing a chimney cleaning firm, it’s critical to understand the figures associated with hood cleansing. Creating a spending plan for kitchen upkeep is one of several critical organizing strategies you will require to use to guarantee a smooth-running kitchen.

It depends on a variety of things. Among the most important elements is placement. The nearer you live to a big urban region, the more options you might have. Nevertheless, if your business requires hood cleaning and is located a long distance from a major area, the provider may demand a larger base fee. Driving 45 minutes for a $200 business isn’t feasible for them.

Multiple locations:

Another important consideration is whether you operate restaurants in various places. Finding a single hood cleaning business to service all of your sites will spare you cash and make working with the cleaner company smoother. Customers who use the vent cleaning service frequently may be eligible for a discount.

Configuration and sizes:

The scale of your kitchen, as well as its restaurant machinery, may also play a role. Kitchens with many stories will have lengthier ducts, which means you will most likely be paid extra for cleaning service. The height and amount of covers will also influence the cost, as does the presence of several exhaust systems.

Water availability:

In addition to conduct their work properly, your washer will require water. Whenever you refuse to allow your cleaners to take the shop’s water, you will also be charged for the expense of transporting extra liquids to the site. Furthermore, any responsible, competent washer will employ protective covering to wrap your equipment while washing, so be sure that this is included in your quote.

Hood configuration:

Your estimate is also affected by the present state of your hardware. The expenditures should remain low if your hardware has been regularly maintained throughout the years. Nevertheless, if your apparatus is in poor condition, you may be billed more about the extra labor the cleaning staff may have to complete. The quantity of hood care required will also have an impact on your costs. Whenever you operate in a high-fat kitchen, your vent may need to be cleaned more regularly.

Average hood cleaning costs:

When engaging a hood cleansing firm, the most common minimum price ranges between $400 and $450. This fee covers the upward blast fan(s), ducting, baffle screens, and hood covering. Removal of access screens, particularly sophisticated or lengthy duct networks, and any thresholds to pay the expense of setting up at a place are all subject to additional costs.


Identify your vent company’s billing mechanism for furthering a complete view of average expenses. Rates can be determined in two ways: hourly charges and flat charges for each part of cleanup. While the overall amount you’ll spend at the conclusion of everything in these ways is typically pretty close, those two approaches count certain components of the washing differently.


Most firms charge a flat rate per unit foot for duct washing. The cost of it is frequently determined by the length of your ductwork, plus a few more bucks if you’ve a char broiler or other heavy cooking equipment.

Final thoughts:

When seeking for excellent service, hood cleanup businesses that are quoted in the typical level for your region will be a considerably better choice. These businesses utilize higher-quality products, pay focus to detail, provide superior customer support, and can cost more as they do extra!

Any respectable business will provide you with a free estimate, which you must take benefit of before scheduling any cleaning sessions. While the numbers throughout this article are average, the actual details and final pricing will vary per firm.