A Simple Guide to a TV Bracket

How to Wall Mount a TV: A Step-by-Step Guide |

Mounting TV with a TV bracket is such a perfect idea as it looks cool on the wall as well as saving space. You may think that this is a daunting task, but this is not actually that tricky. Since flat television become popular recently, the use of TV brackets is also well-liked. A viewer who has limited space in their home will get a useful advantage from this feature. First of all, you should choose the right types of wall mounts which are very easy. For a good price on wall mounted TV brackets in Sri Lanka, check out

Almost all mounting TV is equipped with drywall and other necessary hardware to install the TV bracket including drywall anchors and bolts. A standard mounting pattern should be taken into consideration when it comes to mounting a TV on your wall. Basically, whichever TV brackets you opt for, it’ll be trouble-free to attach to your television.

Where to mount the TV?

One of the most essential factors of buying TV brackets is choosing the appropriate spot to mount the TV on the wall. You can try to hang a photo to get inspiration for how the TV will be mounted. Most flat TV can actually be mounted by using a TV bracket. You choose a bracket based on your television’s model. Choosing the appropriate bracket is important when you are going to mount your TV on the wall. Make sure that you can watch the TV comfortably from your position. 

TV bracket to buy

You may find out various brackets that are suitable for your TV. So, which one is good? You may be excited about cheap TV brackets but you have to consider some factors such as bracket guarantee, how strong and heavy the TV bracket is, and does it come with all fixing accessories?

As you are going to spend a large amount of money on TV brackets, you have to make sure that the bracket is sturdy enough as well as designed compatible with your television.


Most TV cables of a TV bracket are used as accessories. Unfortunately, the usage of those cables is less needed. The cables that are hanging down will ruin the impression of your television. A cable management system is used to keep the cables out-of-sight and every time a new TV component is added to your television, the added cables can be hidden too.

Fitting a TV bracket

Hanging a flat television on the wall is not as difficult as it seems. It involves some ordinary measuring, drilling, steps, and also applying a bracket level to ensure everything is in a straight line. As you know, most brackets come with easy step-by-step instruction to make the fitting process is easy to perform.

Last but not least, before installing the TV bracket, checking the wall condition is highly recommended. The bracket must be fixed to a hard part of your wall. If your wall is plasterboard, the bracket has to be screwed to the frame of timber not only on the plasterboard unless you use a special plasterboard fixing. If you don’t want to clutter up your room with a TV stand, having a mounting TV is such an ideal solution. And, it really looks tidy!