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9 Most Popular Blooms to Use in Fresh Flower Arrangements

There is no such thing as the right occasion for giving flowers. You can order and gift flower arrangements for all types of events, affairs and celebrations. However, you must learn which type of flowers fits your purpose. Here is a list of nine of the most popular blooms for fresh flower arrangements for delivery in and out of Singapore.


#1 Roses

Roses are the most popular flowers for all types of arrangements and occasions. No other flower can outshine its popularity among people. Aside from its romantic associations, the rose offers many additional advantages. Roses come in hundreds, if not thousands, of varieties. They are available in various forms, sizes, and colours. Furthermore, each rose hue represents a different meaning. You can use it to declare your love or as a sign of sympathy when you buy a condolence wreath at flower shops in Singapore.

#2 Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies take their name after Traugott Gerber, an 18th-century botanist. These blooms are native to South Africa, although they may also be found growing wild throughout Asia. They are huge, colourful blooms with the multi-petaled appearance of a daisy. Gerbera daisies are, however, more sizable than a standard daisy flower. If you like the appearance of sunflowers but require a smaller bloom, the gerbera daisy is the flower for you. They symbolise innocence, purity, cheerfulness and loyal love. They are great additions to any birthday or anniversary flower bouquet.

#3 Tulips

The Tien Shan mountains are where the tulip originated before the Ottoman Empire began cultivating them in the 15th century. The tulip did not arrive in Europe until the 17th century. Nowadays, tulips have become linked with Holland. Tulips may not be as widely-known as they once were, but they remain a favourite option for flower arrangements. Tulips represent pure love in general. However, like many other flowers, they have diverse meanings depending on their hue. You can include tulips in a bouquet for your significant other or part of your get well soon flowers bouquet.



#4 Peonies

Peonies feature enormous, fragrant blossoms that range in colour from purple and pink to deeper tones of red. They have a short flowering season that lasts approximately a week. The peony is rich in symbolism in addition to being beautiful and surviving the test of time. People give peonies on significant occasions as a gesture of goodwill, best wishes, and delight. This bloom indicates love, honour, happiness, riches, romance, and beauty. Peonies are a popular choice for wedding flower arrangements and hand bouquets in and out of Singapore

#5 Lilies

Several types of lilies grow all around the world. Authentic lily petals have six long segments that produce a trumpet shape. Another reason for its popularity is that lilies are one of the longest-lasting flowers. The Northern Hemisphere is home to all “genuine” lilies. Lilies look fantastic as the focal point of bouquets. Lilies symbolise purity, passion, rebirth, and monarchy. These connotations, however, might vary depending on the colour and situation. White lilies are a great addition to any condolence wreath you send in Singapore.

#6 Calla Lilies

The calla lily has the word “lily” in its name. However, it is not the same as the other varieties. It is because the calla lily’s typical hue is white. Moreover, they are given the moniker “lily” due to their trumpet form. One of the earliest calla lily meanings is from ancient Greek culture when the flower signifies exquisite beauty. Nowadays, the calla lily represents the notion of vitality and fertility, though it is still a well-known emblem of death. Calla lilies are used in condolence wreath arrangements by florists in Singapore and abroad.



#7 Carnation

Carnations are around the size of most roses and are well-known for their delicate beauty. These blooms are endemic to Europe and Asia and have a ruffled look. Moreover, they are the best choice to put in a birthday flower bouquet for June since it’s their birth flower. However, carnations are most popular as Mother’s Day flowers in Asia. Their link with Mother’s Day dates back to the early twentieth century. Since then, the carnation has symbolised the everlasting love of mothers. The symbolism of carnation changes based on the colour of the flower. However, at its core, basic carnation flower meaning encompasses the concepts of intrigue, distinctiveness, and love. The symbolism of carnations in love can mean anything from a mother’s loyal devotion to a suitor’s ardour for his spouse. Florists also use this flower in condolence wreath arrangements around Singapore.

#8 Sunflowers

Sunflowers are sizable and vibrant plants that are the epitome of cheerfulness. They are well-known for their lofty stature and bright yellow and black colour. Their seeds are delicious as snacks, and people also use their oil for various uses. The sunflower has many different connotations across the world. Many cultures interpret it as a symbol of optimism, strength, adoration and loyalty. Sunflowers represent good luck and long-lasting happiness in Chinese culture and are common gifts during graduations and the launch of a new enterprise. You can include them in your fresh flower arrangements for delivery around Singapore to your friends and acquaintances.

#9 Hydrangeas

Hydrangea has 70-75 different species indigenous to Japan, China, and the Americas. People often recognise them by their sizable, flower-filled balls of blooms. Hydrangeas were traditionally available in blue or white. Today, there are several coloured hydrangea hybrids for your selection. Many East Asian tribes use hydrangeas to produce herbal tea. As a result, it is not only gorgeous but also functional. The hydrangea balls stand for appreciation, elegance, and beauty. It also exudes richness due to the number of blossoms and the sizable spherical form. Its colours represent love, harmony, and peace.

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