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  8 Common Automotive Thermal Management Unit Issues You Can Encounter

You probably have not driven your car in a long time and have not done any automotive thermal management checks. It is also not unusual to not notice an issue with your air conditioner until the first blast of hot summer air strikes your face.

You were probably more concerned about social isolation than automobile upkeep and repairs when at home. Now that things are slowly going back to normal, it is time to address your air conditioning issue. It is also best to catch up on any other car maintenance that you may have neglected.

8 Common Air Conditioning Issues

Many components make up the air conditioning system, including a compressor that takes power from the engine. The majority of individuals have no idea how to diagnose their air conditioning problems.

You do not want to deal with warm air coming from the AC, especially when it is hot outdoors. Proper automotive thermal management can help ensure that these problems are kept to a minimum if not eliminated.

Unfortunately, the air conditioner might break down for various reasons. However, you will be back to being cooler in no time with quick repairs. The following are eight sources of air conditioning issues you might encounter.

#1 No Cold Air

A refrigerant leak is one of the most prevalent problems that impair the air conditioning system. A refrigerant line leak might be challenging to detect. However, the hose couplings are the most common cause of the issues. You will know that your car is leaking refrigerant by the oily material visible surrounding these connections. You may repair the leaks using sealant or by replacing the hose connections.

#2 It Does Not Get Cold

The AC condenser cools the heated refrigerant after being compressed. It uses the airflow generated by the front of your vehicle while driving. The accumulated debris on the condenser from the road might cause it to get clogged. Your air conditioner will subsequently be unable to cool effectively and begin to pump heated air. Your condenser might be damaged if there is no obstruction and it still is not properly operating. The only way to solve this problem is to have a professional replace it with an OEM or aftermarket condenser.

#3 Issues with Electrical Wiring

Electrical problems can wreak havoc on your air conditioner and cause it to malfunction. You will need to inspect all of the wirings. If you find any frayed or damaged wiring, you will need to get them fixed. You can fix frayed wires by wrapping them with electrical tape. If your air conditioner is still not working or you are unsure how to wrap the tape around the wiring, make an appointment with a repair professional.


#4 Damaged Compressor

The compressor is the most crucial part of your air conditioning system. When it breaks down, you will not be able to get any cold air through the system. A major cause of compressor failure is not using it regularly, resulting in shock when switched on again. Allow it to run every few weeks throughout the winter to avoid this problem. You will need to buy an OEM or aftermarket compressor and have a specialist replace the broken one.

#5 Broken Fan

Your condenser will not get cooling air if your fans are not working. It will cause your air conditioning unit to stop working. Taking a check at your cooling fan is the easiest method to tell if it is working or not. It is time to send your car to a service professional to get an OEM or aftermarket condenser replacement or repair if you notice the fan is not moving or not operating smoothly.

#6 Vents Do Not Blow Air

The issues can vary between a blown ventilation fuse and a defective relay, or they may be damage to your blower motor, resistor, belts and hoses. There can also be a blockage in your air intake. A broken ventilation fuse or defective relay causes your blower to lose power. A damaged blower motor or resistor will not allow air to flow through the vents. A clog in any of the two areas where air enters can cause little to no air to circulate in your car. Damage to the belts and hoses can restrict optimum ventilation inside your vehicle. Replace the fuses or the relay first. If the problem persists, you should see an expert A/C technician to have the other components of the ventilation system tested. You may need to replace or repair anything.

#7 AC Fluctuates Between Hot & Cold Air

There is an issue when the air shifts from pleasantly cold to unbearably hot while you are driving. It is conceivable that the expansion valve that supplies the evaporator with the necessary quantity of refrigerant has failed. A clogged expansion valve inhibits refrigerant from reaching the evaporator, causing the valve to freeze if moisture is present. The air conditioning should be at a low temperature. If it isn’t, a qualified technician will need to check the pressure in the system and inspect the components for blockages or faults. You may have to purchase a new OEM or aftermarket expansion valve for the air tank of your car.

#8 Mildew Smell in the Air

The foul stench of mildew that greets your nose when you switch on your air conditioner is due to the growth of bacteria in the system. It is typical in automobiles that seldom use air conditioning, are elderly, or routinely utilise the highest level. The air filter in your car collects dirt, water, dust, and other pollutants. A foul odour can emanate from the vents due to mould and mildew development, and you can alleviate the problem by replacing your air filter.

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